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Farmhouse-style interior decorating

Farmhouse-style interior decorating has become more and more popular in recent years. You only have to look at few pictures of a well-designed room to understand why. The combination of cleanliness, practicality, and comfort makes farmhouse decor appealing.

Putting together the right pieces to get the style you want is easier said than done, however. We’ve put together these five tips to decorate a room in farmhouse style to help you get started.

Begin With the Right Furniture

The backbone of any decorating style is the furniture you choose. Rustic farmhouse furniture is essential to developing the right aesthetic.

Because the furniture is so large, it’s eye-catching. The right piece can make or break a room. When decorating the farmhouse style, look for pieces that incorporate wood with a finish highlighting its natural beauty. Predominately white pieces are another thing to consider as you shop.

Unpatterned or otherwise simple upholstery can also help create the look you’re going for, although you don’t have to resign yourself to truly rustic fabrics.

You don’t have to suffer through scratchy burlap and repurposed feed bags for the sake of appearances. There are plenty of soft, cozy options tough enough to stand up to children, pets, and the wear and tear of everyday life.

Muted Neutral Colors

Use Muted Neutral Colours

One of the things people usually love the most about the farmhouse style is that it looks clean without seeming clinical or industrial. This effect is accomplished through the use of muted neutral colors throughout a space.

White, beige, tan, other shades of brown and various metallics should be the majority of the colors you use. That said, there’s no reason not to have pops of color here and there. For example, the green of a houseplant can elevate the look of a room while slowly working to purify the air in your home.

We generally advise staying away from bright colors like jewel tones when decorating a room in the farmhouse style. Too many colours can quickly take your style from farmhouse to bohemian. Boho has its own merits, but it’s not what you’re going for here.

Incorporate Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood is a hot item in design right now. It’s versatile and adds character to a room that might otherwise look sterile, making it an essential part of farmhouse decorating.

As an added benefit, reclaimed wood is already naturally weathered and distressed. While you can buy new items that have been artificially distressed, they will never look as authentic as the real thing.

It might be a secondary concern unrelated to aesthetics, but reclaimed wood is also generally the eco-friendly option. Repurposing anything that’s still useful is true to the traditional farmhouse concept, too.

Shop at Antique and Thrift Stores

Shop at Antique and Thrift Stores

Part of what makes farmhouse style so comforting is the way it integrates antique and secondhand items. Often, you’ll save money when you buy used items.

If you have children or pets, buying secondhand decor with a low price tag will take the sting out of your new puppy chewing through something or your toddler spilling fruit punch on it. We’re meant to live in our houses, which the farmhouse style lends itself well to.

As with reclaimed wood, real thrift or antique pieces have an air of authenticity that those designed to look vintage do not. They will also make your space unique.

Most new items are mass-produced. That’s convenient, but it means you probably have the same rug, lampshade, or shelf as at least one of your friends, if not more.

Not everyone has an old steamer trunk converted into a coffee table or other items given new life through equally creative endeavors.

Ensure Plenty of Soft, Warm Lighting

Last but certainly not least, remember how important indoor lighting is. All of your careful design choices won’t matter if you don’t have the proper lighting in a room.

If the farmhouse style is your goal, make sure the room you’re decorating has plenty of soft, warm lighting. Using bulbs that provide warm rather than cool light can aid you here, as can installing wall sconces or adding lamps.

Warm light with a yellow undertone can help you feel more relaxed because it seems cozy and homey. Well-lit rooms also tend to look more spacious, which is an added benefit of considering light fixtures as part of your interior design.

Natural light is also essential. Spending at least a few minutes outside every day can help your body produce the vitamin D you need to stay healthy, while large windows let in natural light that can brighten and refresh a space.

living in a farmhouse style with your loved ones


If you’re looking to redesign your space in the farmhouse style, these five tips can help you get started. Remember, they’re just tips. If something makes you happy, even if it’s directly contrary to the advice on this list, you can still incorporate it into your design.

Farmhouse-style rooms are meant to be comfortable. If that means not looking like something straight out of a magazine, that’s okay.

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