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If you’re someone who loves the outdoors, you’re undoubtedly looking for ways to inspire the nature connection in your little ones. As you consider the best way to get your children involved in the outdoor lifestyle, take a look at these fun activities that could be great for you and your little ones to do together:


If you live in an area where there is snow in the winter and there are opportunities for skiing in the winter, you may want to consider introducing the sport to your kids while they’re young. They can take classes to start off with and once everyone gets more comfortable on the slopes, you can then have hours and hours of fun together while skiing.

While there is an initial investment for ski gear and ski suits, as well as ski resort passes, it’s an investment that won’t let you and yours down.

Mountain biking

If you love getting on your bike and hitting the trails, you may find that your kids will enjoy it as well. Did you know that you could even get started with riding as a family before your little one even knows how to ride a bike? As long as your toddler can follow instructions of holding onto the handlebars, you can put a Shotgun seat on your bike and hit the trails with them.

While most parents won’t go down their gnarly trails with a baby at this point, it’s a great way to introduce them to the joys of biking. Once they get a little older and they’ve practiced on balance bikes, consider getting child-size mountain bikes to get them on the trails. They’re bound to feel pretty comfortable out there when you start early.


If you live in a beautiful area with an abundance of hiking trails, incorporate hikes into your family activities. With the right hiking shoes for everyone and plenty of water and appropriate hiking gear, you and your kids can start enjoying the wonders of hiking and spending time in nature. If you’re an avid hiker, start off slow and build up everyone’s stamina for longer hikes. A love for hiking and nature is a gift that can last your child’s entire life, providing them with a way to disconnect from this busy world that we live in.


If you want something low-key that still gets everyone outside, think about the art of fishing. It’s a practice that can be used for nourishment, as well as a sport. The act of fishing is something that typically requires calmness and patience and can be an ideal pastime to introduce to your little ones when they’re young.

Teach them how to respect animals by either catching and releasing them or taking the catches home to prepare for mealtimes. Also, teach them about laws in the area and make sure they follow local restrictions.


You can start the practice of kayaking together as a family when your kids are young in the same kayak. As everyone starts to get older and bigger, you may need more kayaks or larger kayaks. Time spent on the water isn’t only fun, it’s also a great way to let go of stress and distractions in today’s technological world. Inspiring a love for water and nature is an excellent reason to start kayaking with your family. Make sure to teach your kids how to swim, so that they feel comfortable on and in the water, no matter what.

In Conclusion

Spending time outside may feel like a luxury to some, but it can be one of the best things that you give yourself and your family. Sharing your passions with your kids can help them grow up loving the great outdoors and sports that you all do as a family. Whether it’s skiing or mountain biking, just get outside.

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