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It usually gets difficult to think about the state laws amidst the chaos you usually are in while packing boxes or finalizing with the traveling agency to help you with the abundance of luggage. However, you also need to be aware of the laws of the new state when you plan on moving with your pet as you do not want to get yourself into trouble. Hence, you must take some time out to do a small research and make sure you are not breaking any laws when traveling with your pet to another state.

Certifications and Documents for pet moving

Certifications and Documents

The restrictions may vary from region to region. While West Virginia has no such restraints, many states might have restrictions in the North-east region. When you are traveling with your pet, you must always carry a recent health certification showing proof of a perfect health condition of your pet from a verified source or vet along with you. Many states have a rule, and they check the required documents while traveling. The rules imply that only those animals that are in a healthy condition may move to a particular state.

Pets are very insensitive towards a new environment and might take longer to adapt and you need to be prepared to handle the situation when it arrives. You know your pet better than anyone and therefore must keep an eye on their daily activities such as how they are behaving and responding in the new environment. You must give them a special treat if they are sitting low in a corner to cheer them up or give them your precious attention as much as they need. Any kind of affection may help them a lot in adjusting to a new environment.

You must take serious actions about pre-planning, identifications, transportations, and many other such requirements as soon as you decide, you are moving to another state. The below mentioned are a few points that help you in making a checklist:



No matter what source of transportation you choose it must start with preparing all required arrangements, like license, passport, identification proof, etc. You must prepare and make sure there are minimum possible tasks left to do for the day of departure. The departure day is very hectic especially when you are moving as the last minute packing always takes longer than appears. If you are planning to catch a flight, you cannot take any chance of delay and therefore this step becomes extremely important to take care of.

Moving a pet can be a difficult task and that’s why you should take charge of getting everything ready. You must appoint the responsibility of your pet to another family member as your pet requires attention more than ever. The scenario of packaging seems very amusing to pets and they may show clear signs of that while you pack and might need exclusive attention.

You must get in contact with a travel agent to make sure that you are taking all the necessary steps needed for your pet to move to another state. Your travel agent may not only help with providing the best way to transfer along with a pet but also may help you with making necessary arrangements for shipping of pets, boarding, delivery, and pick up. Professional help in such tasks is always a very essential help and acts as an upper hand in many aspects. Using their help, you can easily arrange a comfortable pet transport journey.



While a health certification from a vet is extremely important, it may not be enough. The state government may also require a rabies tag for both cats, and dogs along with an identification proof and permanent ID of your pet. There are many cases of animal trafficking and therefore these steps are taken very seriously in many states. A tag must be carefully chosen and must carry the pet’s name as per the documents, the owner’s name, and the destined address. You may also include an alternative address of a relative or friend who can be contacted in case of loss and failure in reaching you. This act is always helpful in many situations.

choosing a proper carrier for your pet


While you plan on traveling by air you must take extra caution towards choosing a proper carrier for your pet. It must be of perfect size – enough to let your pet stand, move and sit and should not be larger than that. You must always check with the airline policies and pet’s allowance before booking the seats. You must stay aware of the rules and regulations you may face when you land in a new state and must be ready with all the required documents to avoid any problem thereafter. Notifying the airlines before making a journey is a healthy habit as it avoids any complications for later and they have a chance to make you aware in case of in-availability of a seat for your pet if required.

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