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Are you planning to resume your travelling adventures in 2022 and finally set a foot on Australian grounds? While travelling won’t be the same as before any time soon, you can still enjoy visiting and exploring new destinations. As long as you have all of your packing essentials with you, holidays to Norfolk Island will be a breeze.No idea what you need to survive your thrilling journey? We’re here to offer the list of everything you need for your trip to Oz in 2022.

flight to Australia

Necessities for the flight

A flight to Australia can last up to 18 hours, which means you’ll be travelling for an entire day, or maybe even longer, in total. Having that in mind, you’ll want to make yourself as comfortable as possible to make the flight pass in a blink of an eye. A travel pillow for your neck, noise-cancelling headphones or earphones to block the racket, and an eye mask to keep you in the dark and allow for at least some shut-eye, should be on top of the packing list. If you’re not the one to spend most of the flight sleeping, pack on books, music, video games or tv shows to watch and kill time while in the air. For sensitive passengers, who tend to be oversensitive during travel, we recommend nasal sprays and eye drops too. That can prevent you from catching a cold due to dried-out mucous membranes in your mouth and nose.

backpack full of essentials

A backpack full of essentials

Once you land and start your journey through the Land Down Under, you’ll want to be fully packed for your adventure. A backpack is one of the best luggage options you can have because it will safely and securely hold all of your necessities, travel documents, money, and everything else. Thanks to all the compartments, you can have your electronics in one compartment, a duffel bag, and a tent in another, while your food, water, and snacks can be in another separate pocket without any danger of spills or stains. Make sure you have a towel and toiletries in there, in case you want to camp at some point. Tissues, toilet paper, wet wipes and antiseptics should also be there.

Skincare galore

Skincare galore

Whether you’re travelling to Australia during summer or winter, you’ll need skin protection either way. From the moment you board the plane until the minute you’re back home, SPF needs to be within arm’s reach. You’ll be closer to the sun than ever before while in the air, so make sure you add that additional layer of protection to your face, neck and arms. Pack all of your serums, creams and toners to replenish your skin during the trip and prevent any damage that wind, sun and other elements can cause. Don’t worry if you forget some of the times back home because you can buy quality Cemoy products in Australia and offer your skin all the care and protection it needs. Their skincare line is chock full of SPF-rich products that everyone should apply daily to prevent the damaging UV rays to wreak havoc on the skin.

Protective clothes

Protective clothes regardless of the weather

If you’re travelling to Australia during the winter months, then layering will be your best friend. From flannel shirts to sweaters and bodysuits, layers of clothing will keep you comfy, warm, and stylish at the same time. Windbreakers and raincoats will come in handy, just in case. Don’t forget hiking boots and warm trousers too if you plan to hike through challenging terrains. For summer months, a hat is essential, alongside sunnies and thongs if you plan on visiting the beach. Your feet will need to breathe, so a pair of thongs is all you need alongside your bikini for some fun under the sun.

travel insurance

Don’t forget your travel insurance

We like to say that, during travelling, you always hope for the best but expect the unexpected, regardless. Therefore, when travelling abroad, booking travelling insurance is a must. The last thing you need is to get stuck in a foreign country’s hospital with medical bills that go through the roof and figure out how you’re going to sort the costs. Speaking of medicine, you’ll also need a fully-stocked first id kit in your luggage. From tablets for nausea to bandages, eye drops, gauze, allergy pills, insect repellents, pain killers, tweezers, various ointments and sprays, you’ll need those just-in-case essentials during your entire trip.

stay safe from covid-19

Be COVID-19 aware

Travelling in 2022 still won’t be as it used to be, considering COVID-19 is still spreading and living. So, you’ll need to be COVID-ready when packing and travelling abroad. Having a set of face masks that you’ll change every few hours is a must. A bottle of antiseptic gel and/or alcohol is always welcome. Wash your hands whenever you can because that is the best hygienic measure, after all. Keep your distance, and don’t come in contact with strangers unless absolutely necessary. You can never know either you’re currently a carrier or infected, or you have no idea in what condition the other person is. Staying responsible has never been more important.

Electronics and chargers

Chances are you’ll want to record all of your adventures, so packing your cameras, phones, and chargers is a top priority. You’ll also need your portable power bank in case your gadgets die in the middle of the road. Also, check whether you have the adapter for electrical sockets in Australia so you can charge all of your devices without a fuss. Planning a trip to Australia? You shouldn’t leave your home without all the items that we’ve listed. Keeping yourself warm and protected from the sun is vital for your well-being. Don’t forget to get insurance and always stay responsible and COVID-aware. Invest in a sturdy backpack that will hold all of your necessities, keeping them safe from muggers. Grab your passport, book a ticket, and you’re all set for another adventure in the Land Down Under.

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