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Travelling with your lover to Dubai for the first time? Prepare yourself for the matchless city of romance and luxury. Fly above the golden desert in a hot air balloon, have a candlelight dinner in one of the best rooftop restaurants, relax along the gorgeous coastline, tour Global Village, and spend the night camping in the desert. This city is one of the best choices to tick off for a romantic vacation. Although you may have heard of the strict rules and regulations of the UAE, Dubai is way more liberal than most Islamic cities.

To help you travel without hassle, we have rounded up the best season, activities, rules, and tips into an ultimate Dubai travel guide.

A. What is the Best Time to Visit Dubai?

November to February is the best time to visit Dubai for couples. It has a favourable climate, suitable for all outdoor adventures and activities. The temperature is at its lowest and humidity is weak. The city comes alive during this time of the year. There are big festivals like the Dubai Shopping Festival, Dubai Food Festival and the Dubai Film Festival. There are fewer travellers after February which could be another ideal time for couples who desire privacy and peace.

B. What are the Best Romantic Places to Visit in Dubai?

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is the world’s tallest building visible from anywhere in the city. It has a stunning silhouette that pierces the clouds at a whopping 828 metres. Hop on one of the fastest elevators and you will scroll through the 160 floors in a jiffy. You can make this hiking extraordinary if you plan it an hour prior to sunset. Its picture-perfect views from the world’s highest observation deck at 555 metres will leave you both spellbound. Feel like a VIP on being welcomed by a Guest Ambassador and treated to soft drinks in a grand lounge. Other floors have a high-powered telescope, restaurants, and multimedia exhibits making it a memorable time.

Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall

Surprise your bae with a solitaire ring! Dubai Mall is the shopping haven with the world’s most covetable brands in fashion and jewellery. With personal shoppers, in-mall chauffeur service, and other tailored facilities, you will step into a world-class shopping experience. Get ready to be surprised by the breadth of activities available under this roof. There are exquisite dining areas, views of the choreographed Dubai Fountain, indoor waterfall, ice rink, and cinemas. Take your significant other to adrenaline-rush diving with colourful fishes, like sharks and rays around in the giant aquarium.

Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle Garden

One of the romantic places to visit in Dubai is the Guinness World Record holder Dubai Miracle Garden. Flowers are the embodiment of love. And what could be a better destination for lovers than a garden filled with over 150 million flowers? Wander in the aroma and essence of these lovely blooms that are transformed into jaw-dropping renditions. In this 72,000-sq-m paradise, you will be dazzled by the Floating lady, Floral Castle, 3D Floral Design, Lake Park, Emirates A380, Sunflower Field, and a lot more. Watch the performances, grab a snack and take the quintessential couple pictures. It is opened from mid-November to mid-May.

Dubai Marina and Yachts

Dubai Marina and Yachts

Marina is a posh neighbourhood featuring a leisure complex with alfresco dining, sandy beaches and malls. When you visit the iconic Marina, you can find Venetian-style canals that have a number of luxurious yachts. Rent one of these and go cruising in these beautiful waters. Spend some alone time, cut off from the world, surrounded by iconic landmarks. Customise the experience, arrange the food, get some wine, add colourful flowers, go fishing and admire the picturesque vistas around.

Global Village Dubai

Global Village

Global Village Dubai is a colossal multi-cultural park that has pavilions hosting over 90 countries. It brings all cultures together in the form of replicas of landmarks, food, clothing, special crafts, and souvenirs. It is only open in the evenings and looks magical in the night light. Throngs of people arrive to witness the fireworks, go on rollercoaster rides, enjoy star-studded concerts, and browse street bazaars. Besides exploring the record-breaking wonders, sit for an appetising meal at one of the dining spaces.

Old Dubai

Old Dubai

If any of you are a culture vulture or a history buff, take the route to Old Dubai. This part of the city shows you a lot about the time before the skyscrapers existed. There is a vibrant Arabian marketplace called souks where you could buy gold Jewellery, handicrafts and perfumes. Stroll through the winding alleyways of Al Fahidi Historical District that has brown homes, wind towers, museums, galleries, and cafes.


Dubai is quite underrated for the spas. But there is nothing quite like the relaxing massages, soothing vibes and idyllic luxurious retreats of this city. A range of holistic therapies, jacuzzis, sauna steam rooms, greenery and tranquil waters will impress even the frequent spa-goers. The Talise Ottoman Spa on Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah or the Timeless Spa in Al Maha Desert resorts is some of the best spas promising an immersive and mesmerising experience.

Dubai Desert

Dubai Desert

Something that hasn’t changed in the course of renovation is the desert in Dubai. It is an unspoiled landscape that offers a world of tranquillity, culture and adventure. Bedouins reigned and camels roamed during the earlier centuries in the desert. To have a slice of the then-lifestyle, you can book a desert safari. It is up to you to choose from regular to premium options. You will be bashing the dunes, riding the camels, surfing the sand and taking innumerable photos in front of the sunset. In the morning safari, you get to enjoy the romantic hot air balloon ride. Make it special by dining in the tents and sitting under the blanket of stars by the bonfire.

C. Where to Eat in Dubai?

Dubai has a dynamic culinary scene. From finger-licking Arabic dishes to mouth-watering seafood, the restaurants in the city have menus brimming with palatable choices. While some restaurants have Michelin-star chefs in the kitchen, others offer an expensive view of Burj Al Arab. Some well-renowned restaurants in Dubai for couples are Pierchic, Andreea’s, Palm Avenue, Marina Social, Level 43 Sky Lounge, Beach Bar, and Grill. Couples can reserve a table at any of these exotic restaurants and put together a classic date night. You can even choose to sail while you dine with the Dhow Cruise package.

D. Where to Stay in Dubai?

Dubai is dotted with hotels that are uptown, modern, and facilitated — while few have Arabian-style charm, few have a sleek interior. The answer lies in your personal taste. If you are in Dubai with your partner and all you want to do indulge in supreme comfort and luxuries, you will be glad to know that some of the ritziest and expensive hotels are scattered in the city. You can book a fancy suite at Atlantis The Palm, Burj Al Arab, or The Oberoi. Yes, you’ll definitely need a fat wallet. But there is also a good selection of hotels and apartments to suit low budgets. Go for Hyatt Regency, Crowne Plaza, Ibis World Trade Centre, or Manzil Downtown.

E. Rules and Tips to Know

• Slap on some sunscreen and don your hat before you leave for the venture.

• There are substances or medications that may be legal in your country, but not in the UAE. So, make inquiries regarding such products you carry.

• Do not consume alcohol outside licensed restaurants and bars.

• Dubai is not a city to walk. The affordable transport options are buses and metros. While, if you seek comfort and privacy, take taxis.

• Dubai is a liberal city that has no concrete rules that will bother your vacation. But it is always safe to wear decent clothes in the public.

• During Islamic holidays like Eid, Ramazan etc, most activities in the city are slim and limited. So, it will be better to avoid planning a holiday at this time.

• If you are an adventurous couple, jump out of the sky together, play watersports on the Kite Beach and visit waterparks or theme parks.

• If you have got time on hand, it would be absolutely delightful to extend your trip to Abu Dhabi.


There is no doubt that a vacation to Dubai with your partner will amp up your romantic life. Moreover, this Dubai travel guide will help you untangle all the mysteries of the city for your first-time trip. With the right selection of hotels, restaurants, and activities, you will spend an unforgettable time in Dubai.

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