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Going on a date with your crush can be nerve-wracking for some of you, especially for the first time. You want to leave a good impression so that it leads to a second date and more. However, sometimes things just don’t go the way you want them to and you may start to regret after the whole date is over. How do you make sure nothing goes wrong as much as possible within your means? Here we have a list of tips you need to take note of to help you achieve a good impression on your date!

dress up on your first date

1. Dress up, but dress comfortably

It would be good to decide where the date is going to be in advance so that you have an idea of how you should be dressed. You do not want to end up overdressed or underdressed – either is bad. If you do not happen to have an appropriate outfit, that would also give you time to shop for one so that you can turn up confidently on your date.

2. Choose a good location

Conversing with each other is the most important thing you need to do on this date to get to know one another, so avoid dining at places that are too crowded or with loud music. It can get frustrating having both of you to speak loudly and straining to hear each other.

Recommend a place that you know serves good food, as that would also help to make the date more pleasant. However, it is important that you check on your date’s dietary preferences first.

Freshen up your breath during your first date

3. Freshen up your breath

Skip the garlic and raw onions. The main purpose of the date is to get to know each other to improve your relationship and leave a good impression. If you breathe is going to smell pungent the whole time, it is rather torturous for your date to handle and he/she may end up looking forward to the end of your date. If you sweat easily, make sure you bring a deodorant or perfume along too.

be on time for your first date

4. Be on time

The first date should be a pleasant one so avoid making each other wait. If you know you are running late for some reason, make it a point to inform your date as soon as possible and update him/her along the way, because nobody likes to wait or be made to hang around wasting their time. It is such a simple thing; we don’t understand why some people just can’t do it. Be respectful, unless you are okay with not having a second date.

put your phone away

5. Put your phone away

Put it on silent, and put it away. It is not polite to be putting your attention on your phone while your date is giving you his/her attention and trying to engage in a conversation with you. The purpose of the date is to know more about each other, so focus on finding out more about your date; social media can wait. Make eye contact often to show your attentiveness.

Keep it a two-way conversation

6. The conversation

If you are still at the very beginning stages of getting to know your date (i.e you haven’t been friends for long), you might want to prepare some topics to talk about during your date to cut down the awkwardness and understand him/her better. You can share about your travel experiences, career and family. Keep it a two-way conversation by asking your date open-ended questions on similar topics; don’t just talk about yourself. Also, refrain from mentioning your ex and don’t show off.

smile often on your first date

7. Smile often

Smiling often makes one more likable. In this case, it helps to give the impression that you are enjoying your time with your date, which will put him/her at ease and things can go more naturally from there. If you show signs of being too tense or nervous, your date may also be affected and things can turn awkward!

8. The Bill

We know this is a sensitive one. This is the first date after all, so do give chances. For guys, we appreciate it if you would offer to pay the bill, giving the impression of a gentleman. It is indeed very nice of you and we hope your date appreciates your kind gesture rather than take it for granted.

For girls, please, don’t just sit there and expect the bill to be taken care of; at least offer to split the bill. This gives the impression that you are being considerate and sincere about the date, and you are not out to take advantage of your date. However, if the guy insists on giving you a treat, don’t argue about it and show your appreciation by thanking them politely. If you observe that he has no intention of settling the bill for you, don’t make a face or roll your eyes; take it with a pinch of salt and pay for your own share.

The bottom-line is, be prepared to pay, whether you are male or female. You can also observe your date’s reaction when it comes to paying the bill – it will reveal more about how dating him/her will be when it comes to the financial part of things.

9. Be yourself

Most importantly, be yourself. Be as natural as possible. Don’t be afraid to joke. This is a date, not a job interview, so keep things casual. At the end of the day, if your date likes you, you want him/her to like you for who you are.

follow up with your date

10. Follow up

Whether your date ended well or not (in your opinion), it would be nice to assure him/her that it was pleasant spending time together. This can be done through a short and simple text, such as “Thank you for today, I had a great time”. Your date’s reply may also give you some clues about how he/she felt about the date. This is in fact a better way to end the day than just parting ways after the date.

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