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Fun couple activities and adventures build up the relationship in a couple’s journey together. There would be lots of wonderful memories, the good, bad, fun and priceless ones. How many of those memories are in your heart, mind and soul? Won’t you want more of those moments to be photographed, documented and printed memories in your journey as a couple? With Canon’s fun and state of the art digital cameras and printers; you can have lots of couple fun time photography and prints!

Canon EOS M6 Mark II

Fun couple photography time with Canon EOS M6 Mark II

With a lightweight and easy to use mirrorless camera such as the Canon EOS M6 Mark II, a high quality, easy to use and high connectivity digital camera that is ideal for daily leisure and travel holidays. The smooth and fast auto-focus would definitely make it very easy and enjoyable to take many priceless memories that both of you are building it up together.

You can have lots of fun time taking photos for each other, and together as well with the flip-up screen for a couple wefie photo. You can also place it on a tripod and taking photos together, controlling the Canon EOS M6 Mark II camera from the Canon Camera Connect app on your smartphone.

Be your own filmmaker for your fun activities and travel adventures! Plan, create, shoot and produce your own 4K videos, a short film that both of you would be able to showcase at your family, relatives and friends gatherings. How would like to produce couple happiest moments in slow motion by switching to the higher frame rate of 120p on the Canon EOS M6 Mark II?

Canon iNSPiC [P] pocket-sized portable printer

Print on the move with Canon iNSPiC [P] pocket-sized portable printer

After taking the photographs, you can transfer it to your smartphone through the Camera Connect app, allowing you to share it on your social media platforms if you choose to do so! If you really like the photo that you took together or the photo that you took for your other half, won’t you want to print it out and give the photo print to them as a gift for them and for yourself too?

The Canon iNSPiC [P] PV-123A comes into play, a pocket-sized portable printer that fits in nicely into your pocket or bag. Now you can print your photos instantly for love ones, I am sure they will appreciate it dearly for this photo print! Paste the square photo prints into your couple journal notebook, constantly adding timeless and priceless memories of your couple’s journey.

Canon PIXMA TS6370

Expand your world of creative printing with Canon PIXMA TS6370

Upon returning home, when you downloaded your photographs that you took during your couple outings and activities, you spotted some photographs that both of you really like and cherish a lot together.

How would you like your loving couple photos to be printed on a cotton t-shirt, transforming it into a unique and artistic couple t-shirt that stand out from the crowds? Or printing photos on a tote bag that you can bring out, sharing your pride and joy of your photography and creative works?

photography prints with Canon PIXMA TS6370 printer

The Canon PIXMA TS6370 plays this role very nicely. They are a multi-purpose all-in-one printer ideal for both home, small office, family and couple bonding time for creative, artistic and fun prints. Print your favourite couple photographs on the Iron-On Transfer Media, get a pair of t-shirts, iron them on and you have your own pride and joy, a unique and special couple t-shirt that the couple can wear when going out.

Prefer to have bigger photography print sizes that you can display your couple adventures at home? You can print up to A4 size photography prints with the Canon PIXMA TS6370 printer!

Some of the best couple moments are captured on your digital cameras or smartphones, bring it to life together with your loved ones as an awesome and unforgettable couple activity and bonding time. Print the photos that both of you cherish dearly, place them in your couple’s journey together. When you look back at the prints and creative works again, it will definitely be priceless and memorable.

Delighting You Always! Have a couple fun time photography and prints with Canon!


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