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Planning a weekend trip with the girls after what seems to be a decade long travel break? That means you’ll need a full spectrum of handy necessities that will make your trip even more exciting than usual. Aside from a variety of outfits and multipurpose makeup, you’ll want to add a touch of wow to your trip and make everyone remember this journey for many years. If you’re fresh out of ideas, we’re here to offer several suggestions.

face care essentials

1. Beauty/face care essentials

A girl’s trip cannot go without a beautiful evening when you’ll all catch up and finally talk about all those topics you never have time for during cocktail hours or brunches. And what would be a spa evening without a few beauty essentials? Make sure you stock up on sheet masks, facial serums, a jade roller to help those juicy hydration breaks into the skin well. Facial cleansers, tonics and scrubs need to be on the list as well, so you can perform a thorough skin cleansing and plumping. Body butters, lotions and creams go without saying, so don’t forget them either.

Bring a polaroid camera to your weekend trip

2. Polaroid camera

When you’re all set to create iconic photographs, be sure you have a polaroid camera on your hands. Introducing a few retro vibes into your journey will give it extra flair and allow you to live in the moment, rather than posting Instagram stories and worrying about which filter to choose. Grab a polaroid camera and take the most candid photos ever.

Hair extensions

3. Hair extensions

Chances are you’ll want to have at least one crazy night out in the club or the nearest bar, depending on where the journey takes you. That requires your hair and makeup to be on point, so you’ll want to have the most luscious locks ever. If you prefer a ponytail style, get the most fabulous look with human hair ponytail extensions that will transform your plain-looking pony into a gorgeous ‘do that will make everyone’s head turn.

Bluetooth speaker

4. A Bluetooth speaker

Getting ready for a night out is not as fun without music as it is when you have your favourite tunes blasting from the speakers. That’s why you’ll want to pack your portable Bluetooth speaker with you and have your jam on all the time. Whether you’re taking a shower, getting ready to go out or just enjoying some RnB as you play board games, a portable speaker will be your best travel companion.

Versatile outfits

5. Versatile outfits

No matter the season, you should always bring a variety of clothes on a trip. Always have at least one pair of jeans a long-sleeve top in the summer. The weather can be unpredictable, and the last thing you need is to catch a cold because you couldn’t be bothered packing an extra shirt. Consider capsule wardrobe and pack outfits accordingly.

Practical makeup

6. Practical makeup

Trips are all about being practical when it comes to packing. So, if you have an array of eyeshadow palettes, only bring one. And be sure you choose the one that can help you create a variety of looks. On the other hand, if you’re often going for the same hues, pick the most compact one that will serve its purpose without taking too much space in your luggage. You can always leave out the eyeshadows and bring a blush and a bronzer that will serve as an eyeshadow.

Packing for a girl’s trip doesn’t have to be a hassle. All you need to make sure is that you have all the essentials on your hand and that you’ve packed fun items. Make the most of your trip with polaroid cameras, portable speakers and beauty essentials that you’ll all enjoy and have the time of your lives.

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