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Struggling to find healthy snacks and food brands for your Family? Revive is a homegrown brand focused on making healthy eating quick, easy, and most importantly tasty!

Made using high-quality ingredients and superfoods, their products ensure clean, healthy, and delicious snacks with lots of options to choose from! Revive takes special pride in creating products that do not contain any unhealthy oils, artificial flavours, food colour, preservatives, or refined sugar. Just all-natural deliciousness with none of the nasties.


Founded by Clayton, a Singapore-based Mechanical Engineer turned entrepreneur, REVIVE have a range of convenient and healthy, kid-friendly snacks to please the pickiest palates! Think Chocolate Granola + Hazelnut & Cacao Nibs for an antioxidant boost & Overnight Oats Pina Colada (Pineapple) for a refreshing breakfast with tropical flavours! For a healthy treat, spread Natural Nut Butter on your toast or use as a dip for your fruit and veggies.

At Revive, they make products that the entire family can enjoy. With special attention to where raw materials are sourced, preparation methods and how they are packaged, you’ll find the products stay fresh and delicious right till they make it to your lips.

Revives’ mission is simple – To build healthier communities by connecting people to real and honest food.

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