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As any parent will tell you, every child learns differently. Some children find it hard to grasp basic arithmetic, while others can multiply large numbers without blinking an eye. This means that the one-size-fits-all approach to maths tuition doesn’t always work, which is why parents must do their research when selecting a primary school maths tuition in Singapore.

Below highlighted are some important points to consider before choosing which center your child should attend. Read on to know more to have a better understanding!

Maths Tuition In Singapore

1. Quality of Education and Curriculum Expertise

Quality of education is always a key consideration. In order to help children understand concepts more easily, a good tuition center will ensure that their lessons draw from real-life experiences, so it’s worth looking at how they assess your child’s progress too – they should be flexible enough to devise different ways of assessing your child’s level so that you get an accurate idea of how he or she is performing in school.

2. Good Teacher-Student Ratio

One of your key considerations when choosing a maths tuition center is likely to be how many students are being taught by each tutor. As it’s unlikely you’ll want a one-on-one experience, at least start with a center where there will be between 3 and 4 students per teacher. This ensures that each child gets individual attention, but also provides enough contact time so that no child is left behind.

3. Professionalism and Punctuality

When it comes to choosing a primary school maths tuition in Singapore, don’t settle for less. You want a tutor that shows up on time and is professional with your child. Tutors should arrive prepared (with all materials) and ready to work without having to ask you questions about your child’s curriculum. This means doing some homework of their own.

When evaluating a new center, ask if they have any testimonials or contact information from former students or parents you can speak with before enrolling your child; that way you can get a feel of how they operate and confirm they live up to their promise of professionalism and punctuality.

Maths Tuition

4. Discipline and Punctuality of Teachers

When searching for a maths tuition center, you need to keep your child’s progress and schedule in mind. The most important thing is that they will be able to attend classes regularly and learn at their own pace. Your chosen tuition center should have a class size of a maximum of 20 students per class.
You don’t want too many kids either as it might not give each student enough attention or cause some of them to get bored or restless. So take note of these things when searching for math tutors, as well as any other relevant factors like discipline (or lack thereof) and punctuality.


At the end of the day, finding a primary school maths tuition in Singapore might seem like an overwhelming task, but hopefully, these aforementioned points will help you find a center that fits your child’s needs and learning style.

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