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If you are getting married, you’ll know the time leading up to the big day has many moving parts that all come together in the end. During this time, you may find yourself relying on many members of your wedding party for help, and so as a “thank you”, a gift for them may be necessary. Even if they don’t help in the leadup, a thank you for being there on your special day would be appreciated by them. This is a memorable day, not only for you but for all those involved in the day. The appreciation you feel for them should be marked.

wedding party

Here are a few ideas that may help with arranging the gifts for the bridal or wedding party. The bridal party is all those people that are contributing to your very special day. The best man, the bridesmaids, the matron of honor, and the ushers.

The Best Man

The honor of being the best man at a wedding is one of the best things that any friend or brother can be asked to do, so make it special for them. A gift to remember the pleasure will stay for a lifetime. Best man gifts can be simple or elaborate. From personalized beer mugs or hip flasks to personalized playing cards, there are a lot of gifts to choose from. Obviously, you know the best man, think about who he is and what he wants and make the gift tailored to him.

wedding party

The Bridesmaids

This gets a little more difficult if the age range of the bridesmaids is wide, you cannot just give the same gift to all, as little 5-year-old Charlotte is not going to appreciate that champagne bottle as much as 23-year-old Christina. Looking at the age of our recipients and maybe putting them in groups is going to help.

Personalization is the key here. A personalized plate, glass, or piece of clothing is something to keep. Even if you are five, you will keep a personalized gift that memorizes an event. Getting ready for the main event can be the main event in itself. How about a dressing gown or robe that the bridesmaids can wear when getting ready?

The In-laws

The bride and groom’s parents also need to be appreciated. A bunch of flowers is nice, but can you do better? How about making a video of how much you appreciated them growing up, with anecdotes of those favorite moments that mean so much to all of you.

The others

There are a few others that need to be acknowledged. The ushers and those that just want to help out. Do not forget these as they may well be the foundation of the wedding. Once again, do you want them to feel appreciated and remembered? A personalized gift is going to achieve that, whether it be a keyring, flask, or handkerchief.

The wedding of your dreams is helped to come true by all those people that come together to make it the perfect day. Make their day with a gift to say thank you. They deserve it.

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