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tea benefits for you

Have you ever felt stressed from the never-ending dilemma of choosing the tea that suits best you, among the many varieties of tea? It can be confusing sometimes, as there are so many different types out there, such as black and white teas. On top of that, tea comes with various fancy names like English breakfast tea, Earl Grey tea, Organic tea and more. It can be a lot of information to take in for any average tea lover. Fortunately for you, the tea masters at “Teaswan tea” are here to help you explore the magnificent world of tea.

Tea types

Tea is a versatile and amazing beverage. Did you know that all the different tea types originate from a single plant known as Camellia sinensis? The tea plant or Camellia sinensis is believed to have originated from South East Asia regions such as; northeast India, North Burma, and Southwest China. The most common belief is that the tea was originated in China as far back as the year 350 BC. The story of the emperor “Shen Nong” discovering tea around 2737 BC is the most popular origin story in tea history. The story goes like this; some tea leaves accidentally fell into his bowl of boiled drinking water and the emperor decided to try this new creation instead of wasting good water. This started the tradition of tea drinking. The tea plant and related culture have since been introduced to more than 52 countries from its center of origin.

If we take a closer look, there are over thousands of different tea types in the world. These can be segmented into four broad groups: black tea, green tea, oolong tea and white tea. You may be fascinated to find out that all these tea types started their journey with a fresh green flush of two leaves and a bud. So what determines which type of tea it becomes? The answer is found in the processing technique or the manufacturing method. In any tea processing method, there are a few core steps involved: withering, rolling, fermentation or oxidation, drying and sorting. The degree to which each step is used will determine the eventual result.

Benefits of drinking tea

Benefits of drinking tea

There are many benefits that you can receive from drinking tea. This amazing beverage helps your mind and body in many ways, thanks to the special chemical composition in the tea leaves. In one way, tea is the perfect way to keep your body hydrated while offering incredible flavours. Tea also helps your physical health in many ways like fighting cancers or helping your brain and heart to function well while reducing the risks of blood sugar and cholesterol.

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