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Are you planning a weekend getaway? To make the most of your trip, you should have all the essentials packed. The last thing you need is panicking because you forgot spare underwear or an extra pair of boots. It’s best to create a packing list where you’ll list all the must-bring items and just mark everything as you put it in your travel bag. Not sure what all the must-haves are? Not a problem. We’re here to tell you all about the ultimate weekend getaway packing list and ensure you’ve covered all the bases.

Various clothing options

Various clothing options

Appropriate clothing is the first item on your packing list. Think well about the weather conditions at the destination you’re visiting. If you live away from the ocean, going to the Australian seaside will require lightweight clothing. Depending on the number of outings and occasions, pack your outfits. Two pairs of jeans, four shirts, a jacket just in case, and a dress or two for a night out is all you need to make yourself look presentable. If you’re planning a hiking getaway, lean more towards sportswear and functional pieces that will offer a good range of motion and support.


Comfortable footwear

Once you’ve packed your wardrobe, it’s time to pack footwear. Again, bring the footwear according to your activities. For a weekend filled with leisure think sneakers, flip flops, sandals, and slippers. Always pack a spare pair of footwear that isn’t meant for too much walking, to be on the safe side. Also, if you’re travelling all night to your destination, bring a spare pair of slippers or slip-ons to rest your feet from sneakers.


Must-bring toiletries

Keeping your hands sanitized has become more essential than ever before. So, fill your luggage with antibacterial wet wipes and antiseptic hand sanitisers. Additionally, you’ll need a toothbrush, toothpaste, washing gel, shampoo and a conditioner. A travel-size dry shampoo is the best alternative for standard shampoo and conditioner. Not only will you save time on washing your hair, but you will not have to worry about bringing the blow dryer too. You never know if the accommodation provides hair dryers for sure, so make the trip stress-free and pack only dry shampoo. If you’ll be spending plenty of time outdoors, pack an SPF lotion and a lip balm too. The Australian sun can be merciless, so protect your skin from head to toe.

weekend trip tips

Essential accessories

If you’re travelling during colder weather, an umbrella, scarf, and gloves will be a must. For those visiting the seaside areas and beaches, sunglasses are a must. Always invest in high-quality shades and make sure they’re good for your eyesight. Visit a highly-reviewed Dallas optometrist, if you’re living near the area to ensure you’re wearing only the best sunglasses that will protect your eyes. A waterproof phone case will be invaluable for those planning to take iconic pictures for their Instagram accounts. Belts and jewellery should also be on the list if you plan to accessorize like a true fashionista.


When it comes to underwear, always bring an extra pair of panties, socks, and one spare bra for a weekend getaway. You never know what kind of unexpected situation can happen, and the last thing you need is not to have underwear to change into. Bras can often be unreliable, and you never know if one of the straps will tear or if the clasp will stop functioning. Always bring a neutral bra that you can wear under any colour. Don’t forget at least two pairs of stockings and one extra because we all know how annoying it can be to face a ripped stocking when you need to head out to a restaurant.

travel documentation

Documents for international trips

Are you planning a quick trip abroad? Even if you’re staying within the borders of your country, make sure you have at least one form of ID with you. Printed copies of your tickets will also be useful as digital formats may not be applicable sometimes. Cash and credit or debit cards should be on the list too. Always bring a spare payment card, in case your primary one doesn’t work. Technical issues are not uncommon, and they can arise precisely when you need to pay for a meal or accommodation.

Essential accessories

Gadgets for the trip

Whether you like to unwind with an audiobook or you prefer playing video games during the trip, gadgets will cut the travelling short and make the entire trip more entertaining. So, pack your Kindle, tablet, noise-cancelling headphones and all the necessary chargers. A portable battery pack can come in handy when you’re stuck in traffic with no access to electricity. If you plan to party in your room, a portable speaker will be loud enough to create a party ambience without disturbing the other guests. A portable luggage scale is also a must if you plan to shop and don’t want to exceed your luggage weight limit.


Just-in-case medication

Have you ever caught a cold whilst travelling? If you haven’t, we can say that it’s the worst feeling ever. That’s especially true if you’re stuck on a train or a bus and your home is hours away. Therefore, we suggest you have a medicine pouch with all the just-in-case medication. Lozenges, flu tablets, painkillers, eye drops, ear drops and muscle and joint pain relievers are just some of the essentials that can make a huge difference, in case you’re not feeling well.

Weekend getaways are the best way to recharge after a long working week and get ready for the new challenges that the following one brings. When you decide to go on a weekend trip, it’s best to note down all the essentials you need, so you’re 100% certain you won’t leave anything out. Always pack weather-appropriate clothing for hot and cold weather and bring enough spare wardrobe in case of emergency. Electronics and gadgets will be of great help during long travels. Don’t forget documents and medicine, and try to enjoy your trip as much as possible.

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