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Are you getting ready for your first road trip with toddlers? While some would say you shouldn’t do it at all, we say do it, but do it cleverly. Any road trip will be manageable, enjoyable, and beyond fun, if you know how to keep the kids entertained. On top of that, they will need some snacks and drinks to keep them satiated instead of cranky. Want to know more tips about surviving your first road trip with toddlers? We have all the necessary info below.

Road Trip with Toddler

Drive during the night

If you need to drive for several hours until you reach your destination, one of the best ways to keep the kids calm is to drive at night. Make sure they have plenty of activities on their schedule during the day so that they’re ready to sleep throughout the night and allow you to drive fuss-free to your destination. Also, when driving at night, it’s always wise to have another adult in the car who can also sit behind the wheel, so you two can take turns. That is especially true for monotonous roads where you drive straight and don’t turn anywhere. Such roads often cause fatigue and potentially make a driver sleepy. Having another adult to talk to and have you rest while they drive will offer more security and make the trip less boring.

Road Trip

Keep the kids apart

Sometimes even the best-behaved child will go wild in the presence of a misbehaving one. So, if your vehicle is spacious enough, keep the kids apart so they cannot reach each other. The safety regulations say that every toddler must buckle up in their own car seat, so try to position the seats as far apart as possible to prevent the toddlers from picking on one another physically. If they each have their toy or book with them, or if you keep them entertained with your chatting, they will stay calm for some time, if not the entirety of the trip.

toys for toddler

Bring plenty of toys

Toddlers require constant amusement to be on their best behaviour. When you’re on a road trip and trapped in a car for numerous hours, eventually, kids will become a menace unless they have something to keep their minds occupied.To prevent the ever-so-annoying Are we there yet question, pack various toys. From their favourite teddy bear to puzzles and colouring books, bring anything kids like to play with at home. Furthermore, consider educational Montessori toddler toys that keep them engaged for hours whilst stimulating skills development through play and exploration.

Resort to electronics if necessary

Books, toys, and other entertainment tools are always better alternatives to electronic gadgets. However, when toddlers become too fussy or won’t nap, you’ll need something more effective than toys to keep them calm and prevent them from irritating you. Only a calm driver is a safe driver, so to avoid accidents due to irritability, consider bringing a tablet to the road too. Download kids’ favourite cartoons and entertainment shows so they can spend an hour or so enjoying the programme. Don’t forget portable batteries to charge devices on the go.

toddler travel guide

Take breaks at kid-friendly stops

Are you going on a road trip during the day? If the kids won’t nap, consider taking your beaks at child-friendly rest stops. Places with secured playground areas are the best option, as kids will have time to run around and hopefully get tired enough to nap for at least an hour as you continue your road trip. Allow yourself and them to breathe in some air, and have a proper meal with refreshments to keep you hydrated. Ideally, you’ll bring homemade food instead of wasting money on junk food.

Pack a variety of snacks and drinks

Depending on the duration of your trip, you can come across rest stops with closed shops, and no proper food or beverages. In that case, you’ll need to rely on the snacks you brought from home. Even if you happen to have lunch at a diner by the road, kids love to snack in the middle of their cartoon watching. Chop some carrots and apples, bring stringy cheese, rice cakes, a variety of berries, and refreshing juices to keep the little ones and yourself well-fed with all the healthy nutrients. Throw in a bag of crisps or candy treats, for emergency tantrums.

Road games will keep them settled

How are your road game skills? If you don’t know any, now’s the time to brush up on road trip games and offer toddlers additional fun. The more games you know, the less bored you will be. Yes, you. Kids can play one game for hours, but you will feel like you’re losing your mind after ten minutes. So, prepare to switch between as many games as possible to prevent yourself from hating the road trip. Guessing the licence plate, road trip bingo, I-spy – colours, counting games (cars, trucks, animals), and Would You Rather? are some games your kids will love to play during a road trip.

Sing along to their favourite songs

Toddlers are always in the mood for music and songs, so why not have a sing-a-long in a car? Play their favourite playlist and start singing along. Music will keep the driver alert whilst offering the kids the ultimate entertainment. It’s a win-win situation where no one will be bored or tired. All you have to ensure is to get as many songs on it as possible to prevent everyone from singing the same songs too many times. Eventually, that can become beyond annoying.

Going on a road trip with toddlers doesn’t have to be a nightmare. You can keep the kids calm, and in a good mood with several clever tips, we’ve listed above. As long as you bring enough food, offer the kids quality entertainment and have them rested your road trip will be a breeze. Don’t forget to rest by taking regular breaks, and consider going on a road trip during the night when kids will be asleep, offering you a calm, silent drive.

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