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In many households, macaroni and cheese, spaghetti and tacos are some of the most beloved weeknight staples. However, if you want to add some variety to your weeknight menu, consider trying some new seafood recipes. If you currently view seafood as a treat to enjoy at a seafood restaurant, you’re missing out on some incredible recipes you can prepare and enjoy at home. Consider some of the best seafood recipes you can try for dinner.

Sea Bass

1. Chilean Sea Bass

It’s easy to view Chilean sea bass as a special treat because it is one of the more rare and expensive fish. However, it’s priced high for a reason. It’s so rich in flavor. It’s an excellent source of protein. It also contains a good amount of healthy fats. Even if you don’t have a lot of time to cook, you can prepare this decadent fish in 20 minutes. In order to prepare this fish, pan sear it. After setting the frying pan on medium heat, add butter, salt and pepper. Saute a few cloves of garlic as well. Once you’ve seasoned the fish with salt, pepper, and oregano, add it to the frying pan. Fry both sides for five minutes. Once you’ve pan-seared the fish, feel free to add a sauce to take it up a notch. Basil pesto or a lemon garlic cream sauce are excellent choices.

2. Blackened Salmon

If you own an air fryer with a grilling feature, it’s time to pull out the salmon. Purchase blackened seasoning to start. If you don’t have any in your cupboard, simply combine spices such as paprika, cayenne pepper, and Italian seasonings into a small bowl. Add salt and pepper as well. Feel free to throw in some garlic powder and onion powder. The seasonings will enhance the flavor of the salmon for a blackened effect. After cutting and preparing the salmon, add the blackened seasoning on top. Grill the salmon on high heat in the air fryer. After 25 minutes, you’ll have a delicious piece of blackened salmon that can go well on a salad as well as mashed potatoes.

Shrimp Pasta

3. Shrimp Pasta

Pasta always provides a sense of comfort. Whether you’ve had a long day or it’s raining outside, pasta is a great way to end the day. To make it a seafood dinner, add shrimp. In a separate pot, prepare the pasta noodles. Spaghetti noodles work well, but fettuccine noodles or linguine noodles work better. In a pan, heat up some oil and butter. Saute some garlic cloves and finely-chopped onions for flavor. In addition to purchasing your shrimp from a retailer who provides wholesale seafood online, be sure to devein and thoroughly clean your shrimp.

Add the shrimp to the hot skillet to cook. Once it’s done, remove it from the pan. In the same hot pan, add the double cream, seasonings, and tons of Parmesan cheese. Add some of the pasta water to the pan as well. Once you’ve created a decadent sauce, add the pasta and the shrimp to it. Continue to mix everything together. Add even more Parmesan cheese and fresh parsley to the top. With a slice of garlic bread and a glass of wine, this is one of the best comfort dishes to ramp up your repertoire.


4. Paella

Paella takes a considerable amount of time to prepare. Make it on a Sunday evening, and serve it throughout the beginning of the week. While chicken is considered a staple in paella, turn up the flavor by adding lobster tails, clam pasta, and shrimp. This dish relies on well-seasoned meats and sauces. Keep paprika, sofrito, and fresh parsley on hand. After seasoning the chicken and allowing it to cook, add ingredients like water, tomatoes, and rice. Your choice of seafood should make up the final additions to the paella. Never overcook those ingredients.

When you’re looking for good seafood recipes, always check the comment section and the reviews. When a ton of people like one particular recipe, you’ll know that it’s probably a fool-proof recipe that will turn out perfectly. As you practice and get used to preparing seafood, don’t be surprised if you begin to tweak these recipes in order to fit your taste. Now, when it’s time to prepare the weeknight menu, you and your household will have new meals to look forward to.

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