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Millennials are probably the most traveled generation right now. We love to explore the world, meet new people, learn about different cultures and experience all the riches of our beautiful planet. Even traveling for work is very prominent among Millennials. However, there’s one thing that we might not be so versed in: packing for our trips! If you often have nightmares about packing your suitcases, forgetting things at home or not being able to find stuff while you travel, this article is made just for you. Here is a good packing list speckled with some tips on packing for your next trip—take notes!

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Buy packing cubes

You certainly have a decent suitcase but that suitcase probably doesn’t have any special compartments for all your things. This results in a huge mess in your bag, especially if you decide to dig around and search for a special item. The solution to the messy suitcase issue is packing cubes. A set of packing cubes will make your life so much easier and keep all your things neatly compartmentalized. Dedicate one cube to your laundry, one to your pants, one to your t-shirts, one to your hygiene products, etc. These are usually see-through so you can see what’s inside and conduct your search in no time, without disturbing other things. If you have trouble dressing up nicely while traveling, you can even dedicate each cube to a different outfit and not think about fashion in the morning.

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Make space for your documents

Here’s the thing: your trip will be instantly ruined if you forget or lose your passport, insurance or accommodation reservation. Make sure to have a special spot in your luggage for these important documents, so you can always be sure where everything is packed. It’s best to carry your passport on your person in a special hidden body bag. This is also where your money will be the safest. If you take photos of your reservations and insurance papers, you can have a backup even if you lose them, but it’s always best to have originals with you. In most cases, body bags are safe for all sorts of documents, cards and money and they fit nicely under your clothes where no one will see them.

Grab an empty toiletry set

If you have a strict skincare routine or can’t avoid dandruff when using any other shampoo but your special one, then you definitely need a small set of empty toiletry bottles and tubs. This travel-sized set will give you access to small cream tubs, squeeze bottles and spray bottles to fill with your favorite cosmetic products and bring on your trip. When packing your hygiene products, pack your shampoo and shower gel in squeeze bottles, lotions and heat protection sprays in spray bottles and your moisturizers and hair masks in cream tubs. When buying your empty containers, make sure they are TSA-friendly, so you can easily bring them to the plane with you.

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Pack the rest of the necessary hygiene and beauty items

You want to be presentable while you’re traveling so as not to scare other people who might come face to face with you—no matter how long you’ve been traveling, you’re still not a savage. Put your trusted detangling hair brush in your suitcase in a special, easy-to-reach spot. This will come in handy after a night sleeping on the bus or after a fun beach party—your hair will thank you. Of course, your toothbrush and toothpaste also need to be at hand reach at all times so you can freshen up, as well as your deodorant. Keep these items in a special rectangular packing cube for easy access on the go. If you’re wearing makeup, most women benefit from keeping it in their backpacks or bum bags so they can easily fix it in the toilet or changing room mirror.


Of course, you’ll remember to pack underwear, t-shirts and pants, but many people often forget to bright appropriate outerwear. Check the weather forecast for your destination and make sure to pack a soft wind-proof shell jacket and a thicker sweater. Even when you travel to the desert, nights are always chilly and you’ll love your additional layers.

Don’t forget your electronics

When traveling, especially for leisure or to see your friends or family, you should try to be free from electronics as much as possible—I know you need a digital detox ASAP. However, we live in an age when people simply can’t go too long without their electronics because we all have emails to answer, Zoom calls to make and social media profiles to maintain. In that case, you’ll love having a good power bank to keep your devices in the green, battery-wise. Lately, old-school photography is back, so you might even grab a small Polaroid camera to bring and use on your trip. You will also want to pack headphones for when you need some peace, a laptop if you travel for work and a good navigation device if you’re planning to go off the beaten track.

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Pay attention to your health

Let’s be honest: if you’re a Millennial, you have to admit that you’re not as young as you once were. We’re in our 30s, which means some ailments are starting to creep up, so make sure to pack some first aid things to make your trips safe and pain-free. Start with the basics—some painkillers and some anti-inflammatory meds. If you suffer from allergies, pack those as well. Next, make space for a nice first aid kit that contains band-aids, bandages, antibiotic creams, tweezers and scissors. And finally, pack your prescription drugs (with a little big extra on the side in case your trip gets prolonged). This last bit is especially important if you travel somewhere where access to quality medication is not very good—you want to have your drugs with you at all times.

With a packing list like this one, and our extra tips for all Millennial travelers, your next adventure will be more pleasant than ever. Once you start packing with this list in mind, you’ll never go back to your old and messy ways!

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