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Balinese cooking is really something special. A rich and incredibly detailed culture with a cooking style that is known the world over. In Bali the tradition runs deep, including traditional clothing and religious practices. You can learn how to cook like a local with many classes available. Here are a few of the best ones.

Make tempeh with the locals

Tempeh is an easy, versatile and popular part of food in Bali. It is slightly fermented soybeans that melt into a soft rubbery cake (think tofu) that can then be spiced and fried or sautéed or used in any way you would use meat. A really great cooking class found on Airbnb is called: “Making & Cooking Authentic Dishes with Locals a Cooking experience hosted by Ngurah & Ayu“

Ngurah & Ayu’s home is a beautiful old traditional Balinese style building and garden. They will show you how to do everything and you will even get to try new peppers and species of onion and mushrooms not found in the west. It is a must try when in the city of Denpasar.

Shop the markets and eat at home

Rather than just buying and eating Balinese food, try a more intimate experience of Balinese cuisine with a cooking class at a local home. Ideal for food lovers and families, this in-depth five hour cultural experience gives you access to ingredients and equipment that you may not have at home.

What can you expect from a cooking class in Bali?

Your day will start early at the traditional market. That’s where to find fresh herbs and spices, choice cuts of meat and vegetables and even buy rice directly from the rice farmer. Then it’s back to the traditional family home in the open-air kitchen. There the chef will show you how to chop, mix and cook an authentic Indonesian dish. We finish with the family-style meal in the beautiful garden while the traditional Balinese music (rindik) plays from the bamboo instruments.

Where to stay during your class

While you’re cooking and eating like a local you can also live like a local in Seminyak villas. Practice what you learned at your own home in Bali or even host your own cooking class with your friends. The best selection of private villas on the island and close to all the action. Easily book your own luxury villa a short walk from a great cooking class and unwind by the pool while you eat the leftovers.

Learn from a professional

Nothing beats the traditional cooking from mum’s kitchen but how about something more elevated. Learn the complexities of Balinese cuisine in a cooking class taught by an expert chef. A three course meal using local spices and the freshest vegetables, meat and fish. Learn how to select the highest quality of fish with a visit to the Jimbaran fish market accompanied by the chef. Enjoy your meal in a fabulous dining environment and sample some local Balinese wine.

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