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The students seek for accommodation when they migrate to a new place. They live in different types of homes such as apartments, homestays, private halls, halls of residence, flatshare, etc. Some students can afford to live in an expensive home. But some students cannot pay higher rental charges. Students prefer to live studios because they are well-furnished and the students can enjoy their privacy. So, they can accommodate in student studio Aberdeen to seek for the best home. The students can find different types of homes in Aberdeen. Aberdeen is a city located in northern Scotland. Some of the reputed universities are located in Aberdeen such as the University of Aberdeen, North East Scotland College, Robert Gordon University, Oglive Institute, etc.

student accommodation in Aberdeen

Seeking for the best accommodation in Aberdeen

The students can seek for different types of accommodation in different places such as studios, apartments, private rooms, halls of residence, private sector halls, etc.


Many students prefer to live in studios because they can lead a comfortable life. These rooms are well-furnished and a student can live independently. A student can live in these studios independently or live along with their friends. It is a room that consists of living space, kitchenette, bedroom and an attached bathroom. The students can accommodate comfortably in these rooms. The rooms do not consist of any partition. Some of the studios are even well-furnished as they consist of a fireplace also.

En suite

Some students live in en suite also as it contains a bathroom and a bedroom. It does not consist of a kitchenette. The students can accommodate comfortably in these rooms. The guests should enter through the bedroom. The students can live individually or along with their friends. They can study independently as they may consist of desk for studying also. So, the students live comfortably in these rooms.

Private flat

Some of the students can afford to live in apartments also. They can live independently in the flats. These flats contain a separate kitchen, bedroom, living room and a bathroom. Some rooms even contain two to three bedrooms. The students who enjoy living in solitude can live in private flats. But the rental charges for the private flat are higher. The students can live in shared flats can share the rental charges also. The students can cook their own food, study and sleep independently and also can live comfortably.

University Halls

These halls are usually arranged by the universities and are provided to students at a lower cost. But every university provides different types of halls to students. The halls are larger or smaller. Some universities also arrange for dormitories. The students can live together with their classmates and discuss their problems. They can clarify their academic doubts, but cannot enjoy some facilities that are normally provided by en-suites or studios. The students should share their kitchen, bathroom, and the catering facilities also. Usually, the students who are studying during the first year of college should preferably live in university halls. They provide different types of kitchen facilities to the students also. But, the students can always maintain punctuality and attend various social events.

Private halls of residence

These halls are usually not owned by the universities but are owned by the companies. These companies are usually partnered with institutions. So, they provide accommodation to the students in a room. The students can live along with their classmates and friends also. These houses are similar to the traditional halls of residence. Sometimes, such houses are laid as studio apartments or shared flats. They are known for their excellent communal or accommodation facilities. So, a person can rent the entire flat or a room for the students. So, the students can accommodate along with their friends also. The costs are usually higher and the students should pay the maintenance charges, communal charges, electricity charges etc. The students can lead a comfortable life and can also study without any distraction.


When a student visits a new place, then they should adapt to the culture of the city. They feel insecure when they newly migrate to a place. So, they should preferably stay with a family who can provide accommodation to them. They can learn to interact with the families and learn the cultural lifestyle of the place. Usually the students studying in the first year prefer home stays. The owner also provides meal and other facilities to the students. They live like a member of the family. The owners also provide them a place to study. But, sometimes, the homeowners may not permit the students to socialize or go outdoors during late evening. But a student may not secure a home near the university.

Boarding House

Some students also live in a boarding house. It is known as a lodging house to provide accommodation to the students. They provide bedsits to the students. But, the boarder is not permitted to increase the rent of the boarding house without the consent of Boarders Act. The rental charges of the boarding houses are usually lower. But, the boarders can order the students to leave the premises anytime even without providing any intimation to them. The boarder can occupy a single room and should also share kitchen or bathroom with the other students.

Guest House

It is one of the best choices for the students who are studying in the first year of university. There are several students maintaining the hostel and it is one of the most accommodative options provided to the students. The students can cook their own food in the boarding house. The hotels should also share different amenities with the students such as the kitchen and bathroom.


Usually the students who are studying in the final year of college accommodate in apartments. Such students are usually seeking independence along with security for college-based housing.

The students prefer to live in studios because they can lead a luxurious life. Therefore, the student studio Aberdeen provides studio facilities to the students.

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