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travel in Brisbane

Looking for a dreamy getaway in Brisbane for some relaxation so you can fall in love again?

We’ve got you covered.

Or are you a couple on a mission to find the perfect getaway in Brisbane for a 4-day, fun-filled itinerary?

No worries!

You’d be happy to know that there are tons of romantic destinations in Brisbane that have something to offer for every couple.

In light of this, here are some colourful and exotic destinations you will definitely cherish and remember forever when experiencing Brisbane’s indigenous heritage and culture.

Rich Indigenous History

Museum of Brisbane

It may be your honeymoon but this city saw over 7,000 brides getting married to army personnel during World War 2. Learn more of this romantic history at the Museum of Brisbane.

Blackcard Visitor Tours

If you’re looking to get a more hands-on experience learning about Brisbane’s aboriginal people, the Blackcard Visitor Tours could become a memorable trip for you. The tour will take you through several of Brisbane’s magnificent areas inhabited by the first Australians.
Your tour guide will also be aboriginal, narrating hair-raising stories and historical accounts of indigenous tribes throughout the generations

Romantic Dining for Foodie Couples

Whether you’re in search of an amorous restaurant to celebrate your anniversary or are thinking of proposing to your significant other, Brisbane is packed with some wonderful dining options such as:


With a breathtaking and awe-inspiring view of the Brisbane river and the Story Bridge, Alchemy is perfect for couples looking to spend some magical time together while eating the best cuisine.


Pethers is another reputed fine dining restaurant that is known for only using domestically sourced ingredients. Choose a two or three-course meal and enjoy your night overlooking the alluring rainforest right in the centre of the Scenic Rim.

Aquitaine Brasserie

Aquitaine Brasserie offers a modern take on classical French cuisine. The menu is roused by L’Aquitaine, located in France. Aquitaine is situated at the South Bank riverfront, which further adds to its elegance and class.

travel in Brisbane

Visit Beautiful Parks and Landmarks

Cuddle Koalas at the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

If you’re an animal lover and always wanted to pet a cute little koala, make it a priority to visit the koala sanctuary. Moreover, you’ll have the opportunity to observe over 70 species of different animals, native to Australia. From hand-feeding baby kangaroos to being completely awe-inspired by a flock of rainbow lorikeets, the Lone Pine sanctuary is going to be one heck a memorable experience!

Visit Newstead Park

How does spending some time enjoying snacks and drinks with your significant other under an antique pagoda sound? Amazing, right!? Well, now imagine a complete riverfront view with beautiful sights and sounds and equally breathtaking flora and fauna.

Yes. Newstead Park is an excellent romantic getaway for couples on the last leg of their trip to Brisbane. The park offers lush green grassy walkways through mighty tree lines.

Newstead is a wonderous slice of Mother Nature, and it will be quite impossible for you to resist the urge to organize a little picnic together.

Exhilarating Views of Brisbane from Mount Coo-tha

If you’re craving a breathtaking experience, it doesn’t get any better than going to the lookout spot on Mount Coo-tha. There’s no question it is “the” best spot for taking in the sights and sounds of Brisbane.

Go for a walk along the tracks as you take in a spectacular view of the city. The path also leads right into the national park or you could sit and relax at one of the many romantic cafes and restaurants along the way.

Kangaroo Point Cliffs

Although you’ll be mesmerized by the scenic view from the top of the cliff, the main highlight of the park is below the cliffs. This is where you’ll find an exquisitely bewitching walkway naturally decorated with grassy spots. You can easily enjoy a romantic picnic under loads of shade absorbing the riverside views as you cuddle and reminisce.

Bottom Line

So there you have it! Some of the best places for a short but sweet romantic getaway are in Brisbane. You’ll be surprised to know just how easy, simple, and refreshing it is to enjoy 4 days in the beautiful and awe-inspiring River City.

We guarantee that Brisbane is a place where you will truly feel at peace with your significant other, which makes it a great place to fall in love all over again!

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