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Bali, ‘the Island of the Gods’ has been regarded as an art and culture hub from time immemorial. It is a one-stop-shop for people looking for a variety of experiences in a nutshell. Be it adventure, natural havens or island exploration, Bali has something to offer for everyone alike. One of the major reasons that people visit Bali is because of the pocket-friendly rate at which you can roam around the entire island. The culture and nature of the Balinese people have been very welcoming for a long time making this place one of the most friendly and safe destinations even for solo female travellers. It is imperative to talk about the art and culture of Bali and the hub of this being Canggu. If you swear by delving into the history and culture of a place, the various museums in Canggu are your go-to locations. Read on to find out more about the best museums to visit in Canggu.

Neka Art Museum

This is one of the most famous art museums located in Denpasar, Bali. In most cases, people tend to skip visiting the capital city of Denpasar because they believe that this place does not have too many noteworthy attractions to its credit. But the truth is that, if you want to experience the true balance of art and culture, a visit to the Neka Art Museum is a must. You will come across various artwork and paintings by renowned artists from all over the world. Unlike most other museums, this museum sees a lot of tourist inflow as it is located in the most central part of the capital city of Denpasar. If you are looking for an inspiring insight taking you through the authentic Balinese culture, the Neka Art Museum is sure to answer all your questions.

Neka Art Museum

Pasifika Museum

This museum is located in the gateway to exquisite luxury in Bali, Nusa Dua. Largely known for its water sport activities, you can look forward to a different experience in Nusa Dua if you have had enough of the adrenaline rush. Visiting the Pasifika museum in Nusa Dua is sure to be a welcome change. This is one of the most famous attractions and the biggest museums in terms of housing Asia-Pacific artefacts. Home to almost 600 + paintings, multiple artefacts, and sculptures native to different countries from across the world including Southeast Asian countries like India, China and Vietnam, art enthusiasts are sure to have a blast in the Pasifika museum. There is also a quaint little cafe with lush gardens and a fountain located within the museum which serves as the perfect place to unwind after the historical extravagance within the museum.

Pasifika Museum in Bali

Blanco Renaissance museum

This is yet again a very famous museum located in Bali in nature’s haven Ubud. The museum is known for its illusionary art which literally engulfs you into the painting as you gaze on. There is a lot to explore within this museum and you will be totally mesmerized by the beauty of the paintings which have different meanings associated with it. Children are not allowed in this museum because there are various paintings including those of nude women which might not be appropriate for their viewing. Otherwise, the magnificence of this museum is sure to blow you away. You can take a stroll along the garden situated in the vicinity and also spend a quiet little evening in the company of your partner. There are various art and gift shops located within the museum from where you can purchase some souvenirs to take back home. Do not forget to try out the famous Balinese coffee in the adjoining cafe to add the cherry on top to your museum visit.

Blanco Renaissance museum

Arma Museum

For the true art enthusiasts out there, the Arma Museum is your true calling. A plethora of different artworks by Asian, Balinese and Javanese Painters can be found in this museum. The speciality of this tourist attraction is that it opened in the late 1990s. The Arma Museum is also located near the Blanco Renaissance Museum. You can probably club the visit to these two museums and spend time-saving some local Balinese cuisine in the adjoining restaurants. The best part about this museum is that they have adjoining gardens that allow you to take a leisurely stroll and spend the rest of your evening doing absolutely nothing and sink into the feeling of the bliss of the atmosphere.

Arma Museum

Which museum is your pick? If you swear by history and culture, it is recommended that you pay a visit to them all! The best part about planning a vacation to Bali is that you don’t have to stop with just one experience. You can club various other experiences when you plan a visit to just one particular destination within Bali itself. To achieve that, you just need proper planning. This is where globally sought after travel companies like Pickyourtrail help with planning your vacation in great detail. Check out some of the Bali packages and get ready for the extravagance that awaits you on the ‘Island of the Gods!’

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