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Though small, the sunny island city-state of Singapore is currently one of the most prosperous countries in the world. Singapore’s high levels of economic and technological advancement, its multicultural population and its steadfast dedication to public cleanliness and security are just a few of the many reasons it’s so well-regarded in the international community. Needless to say, these qualities also make it one of the most popular travel destinations in the Southeast Asian region.

Whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure, you’re sure to find a lot to love about Singapore. The best part is that it won’t be at all difficult to find accommodation that suits your purposes and budget range. Read on and you’ll soon find that the Singaporean hospitality industry is large and diverse enough to flex to the needs and desires of any traveller, offering a good number of accommodation options to cater to just about anyone.

airport hotel

Airport Hotels

Singapore serves as an ideal gateway into the rest of Southeast Asia, and transient visitors passing through on their way to other destinations will find no shortage of convenient hotels near Changi Airport. YOTELAIR Singapore, for instance, is located right in Jewel Changi Airport, a commercial complex that not only supports airport operations but also serves the general public. Travellers can easily work, shop, dine or relax in the vicinity of the hotel without having to worry about missing their next flight.

Transient or business travellers staying at hotels in Singapore can be assured of clean, comfortable and affordable spaces outfitted with all necessary amenities. These include showers, television, complimentary high-speed WiFi, access to gym facilities, and others. Many establishments will also offer flexible check-in and check-out hours 24/7 to provide an especially hassle-free experience for visitors on the go.

luxury hotel

Luxury Hotels

Singapore visitors seeking a taste of the high life will be spoilt for choice when it comes to luxury hotels. Many five-star establishments can be found all over the island, each one offering guests the chance to enjoy the finer things in life—in-room hot tubs, butler services, lavish buffets and spas, to name just a few. Should you check into one of these places, you may just find yourself so thoroughly pampered you won’t even want to leave the hotel premises.

Shopaholics will want to search for accommodation along the famous Orchard Road, Singapore’s local centre for luxury retail and one of its most well-known tourist attractions. The enormous shopping malls that line the street afford visitors what is arguably the best upscale shopping experience in the world. High-end hotels in the immediate vicinity include the illustrious Four Seasons Hotel in the middle of the main shopping area and the Shangri-La Hotel on the west end.

business hotel

Business Hotels

Cold, utilitarian hotel rooms can make business trips even more of a drag than they already were previously, but rest assured you’ll find much better alternatives in Singapore. Many business hotels on the island have taken it upon themselves to enhance their amenities and services to provide travellers with an experience that’s just as fun and fulfilling as any holiday. Spa services, pools, sumptuous dining and stunning city views are just a few perks business travellers in Singapore can look forward to.

For visitors who want to sample the vibrant nightlife after work hours, Fairmont Singapore in the Central Business District is located a stone’s throw away from numerous bars and restaurants offering a wide array of cuisines. Meanwhile, Parkroyal on Pickering boasts lush rooftop gardens and comfortable lounges for hard workers who’d simply like to unwind.

Heritage Hotels

Though it’s known the world over as a highly developed, near-futuristic state, many parts of Singapore also reflect its reality as a melting pot of cultures, as well as a nation with a deep and storied history. Culture buffs are certain to get a kick out of staying in one of Singapore’s multi-awarded heritage hotels, many of which are also distinguished as national monuments. These establishments are so full of life and so rich with stories that you’re guaranteed to learn a lot before you even walk out the door.

The Fullerton Hotel building at the mouth of the Singapore River, for instance, has at different points in its life housed the Singapore Club, the General Post Office, and even the Japanese Army during the Second World War. Its distinctive Palladian architecture and lavish, intricate ornamentation belie the fact that it was used as a bomb shelter and medical facility during the war years. Today, the building’s rich history and beautiful appearance continue to earn the deep admiration of locals and tourists alike.

Guesthouses and Hostels

Though Singapore is reputed to be one of the most expensive cities in the world, let it not be said that it doesn’t offer backpackers and other budget travellers a wealth of options as well. Singapore’s Chinatown, for example, is a colourful, bustling enclave that’s also well-known for affordable accommodation. As a bonus, you’ll find oodles of delicious food in this part of town, whether you’re looking to eat at hawker stalls or fancy restaurants.

If you’re the kind to embrace communal living, the charming Adler Hostel and other similar dorm-style establishments are located right in the heart of Chinatown. These establishments offer everything the resourceful traveller could possibly need, including WiFi, air conditioning, comfortable beds and private storage.

Whatever the reasons for your visit, travelling to Singapore is sure to be an unforgettable experience, and finding the perfect accommodation for you will only enhance your stay. Once you get all settled in at the right place, you’ll be in an ideal mindset to make the most of your trip—and maybe even your next trip, and your next trip after that.

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