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The concept of ‘travelling’ certainly means different things to different people, and whether you are someone who considers a fortnight stay in a five-star hotel on the beach to be the definition, or else favour a more rugged and raw backpacking experience, any travelling is good travelling.

With this in mind, in anticipation of your next trip, continue reading to discover a simple guide to preparing for a long holiday abroad.

long holiday

Secure Your Property

If everyone in your household is fortunate enough to be joining you on your holiday of a lifetime, then ensuring your house is safe and secure should be of top priority.

Just a few of the most effective methods of ensuring you will return to your property in exactly the same condition as you left include the following:

  • Leave your car (or your neighbour’s) on the driveway
  • Switch off all non-essential electrical items at the socket
  • Never post anything holiday-related on social media until your return
  • Keep the curtains open and no valuables on sight
  • Ask your neighbour to periodically check the house and move post from the door

Are There Any Vaccination Requirements?

Depending entirely on whereabouts in the world you are travelling to, it may well be the case that are several mandatory travel vaccinations (such as Yellow Fever for Kenya) which you are required to already have upon entry to the country.
Making an appointment with your own doctor can often take several attempts, especially currently when surgeries across the country are under such intense pressure, so if you do have any health concerns or queries regarding travel vaccinations before you leave, then contact an online service such as TapGP at your convenience.

Quality Over Quantity When Packing!

Another key element of proper and timely planning, preparation, and organisation ahead of an extended international holiday relates to packing. More specifically, what to take and what to leave behind.

Remember not to stuff your suitcases full to the brim with clothes you will only possibly wear, if for no other reason that you are likely going to want to bring home souvenirs of your trip. Instead, plan outfits that can be interchanged with different tops and bottoms and always choose items of clothing which do not crease easily, are lightweight and that can be folded into nooks and crannies of your suitcase.

When it comes to toiletries, unless you are spending the entire trip hiking the Inca Trail in Peru, save on space in your luggage and instead buy travel-sized toiletries in the airport or when you arrive at your destination.

Do Your Research

Not only will taking the time to research the culture and customs of your destination country mean you are far less likely to unwittingly make any mistakes when mixing with the locals, but it will also serve to help ingratiate you into day-to-day life. Additionally, you could even look into taking an evening course to study the language of the country and learn key phrases, including greetings, introductions, and important questions.

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