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Only a boat ride away from the southern coast of New South Wales and the coastal city Narooma lies the cute little Montague Island. A perfect getaway location for everyone who needs a change of scenery and would like to explore a bit more than just Narooma. Montague Island Nature Reserve has become a popular location among Aussies and worldwide tourists because it offers several exciting activities while remaining very uncrowded and ideal for people who want to isolate themselves for a night and have a quiet getaway. So, if you’re anywhere near Sydney, you need o head to Narooma and make time in your itinerary for this little gem called Montague Island. We have a few activities to recommend and guarantee you’ll have the time of your life.

Montague Island

When to go to Montague Island

Considering Montague Island offers an array of activities and has rich wildlife, you will find available tours all year long. Depending on the season, you’ll be able to enjoy a unique wildlife experience. If you’d like to see a fur seal colony, plan your trip in mid-spring. September is a perfect time to visit for those who would love to see penguins and whales. Shearwaters are there in October and will stay in place to nest during summer. For those planning to spend most of their Montague Island visit snorkelling, we suggest you go during warmer months, such as December or January.

Montague Island guide

How to reach the island

When you decide to spend your day and potentially night on Montage Island, you’ll need to find guided tours and book one of them to ensure a safe boat ride to the island. For those planning their trip from Sydney, it will take about 4 hours to get to Narooma, and another 20 minutes on the boat. Canberra is only 2.5 hours away from Narooma, so plan your trip accordingly.

Book a night at the Lighthouse

Have you ever thought about spending a night in a lighthouse? Waking up to the calming sounds of the ocean-hugging the shore, while the sun is rising on the horizon, paints a romantic image for every couple looking for a one-of-a-kind travelling experience. The lighthouse on Montague Island is special in more ways than one. Not only was it built all the way back in 1881, but its granite construction remained the same up to this very day. Become a part of this lighthouse’s history and book a night at the Head Lighthouse Keeper’s Cottage or Assistant Lighthouse Keeper’s Cottage. You will enjoy your stay as both of the cottages feature a perfectly equipped kitchen alongside a barbecue.

Take a guided tour of the island

Take a guided tour of the island

Are you all set for exploring the crown jewel of the South Coast of New South Wales? Look for popular Montague Island guided tours and book the one for you and your friends. Embark on a journey of a lifetime and immerse yourselves in the bluest waters of Australia’s coast and walk across an entire island. Don’t worry, Montague Island is only 1.4km long and 525m wide, so you can have a perfect relaxing walk and enjoy the fresh air. Learn all about the Aboriginal people who used to live on the island and much more.

Hang out with penguins

You don’t have to go all the way to Antarctica to see the little cute waddling penguins. Australia’s Montague Island is home to the smallest species of penguins, and they’re waiting for you to visit the island and be completely swept off your feet by their cuteness. The population of penguins on Montague Island is constantly growing thanks to the help of the local government and the fact that the island is predator-free. The current population of 12,000 penguins is expected to rise in the next few years even more.

Snorkel and swim with the seals

Snorkel and swim with the seals

What’s a vacation in Australia if you don’t dive underwater to snorkel and spend some time swimming with friendly seals, right? Make sure you check the details of your tour and see whether you’ll be provided with snorkel gear or if you should bring your own mask and fins. Explore the glorious depths of the sea and witness some of the most majestic underwater views with friendly seals swimming next to you. It’s an experience that you’ll never forget and certainly want to try at least once in your life.

Watch the whales

Watch the whales

For everyone who plans to travel to Montague Island between May and November, we warmly recommend you schedule a whale observation. Look for some of the best viewing points on the island and enjoy a spectacular show. Alternatively, you can go up close and take a boat ride where you’ll be only a few meters away from the marvellous whales. Fishing is another activity that you can enjoy while on Montague Island or on a boat. Stop on your way back and try your fishing skills. Kingfish, yellow fin tuna and marlin are some of the fish you can catch in this part of Australia. If you choose to go reef fishing, you may get lucky to catch blue morwong or snapper. If you like deep water fishing, expect to come across hapuka and blue eye cod.

Travelling to Australia can be beyond thrilling. If you’re already living in the Land Down Under, you should plan your next weekend trip on Montague Island. That is especially true for those living on the southern coast of New South Wales, where a trip to Narooma and then Montague Island doesn’t take too much time. A short drive to Narooma and a boat ride to the island is all it takes to have a lovely weekend and meet some of the hidden but precious parts of Australia. From spending the night in the lighthouse to watching penguins and whales, you’ll find a full spectrum of activities on Montague Island. Just make sure you pick a knowledgeable tour guide, and you’ll learn more than you’d expect and see everything you’ve planned and more.

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