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Guide to Australia’s Gold Coast

Boasting a gorgeous coastline, untouched natural parks, exciting surfing opportunities, a delicious culinary scene, as well as a heap of adventurous activities the entire family can enjoy, it’s no wonder Australia’s Gold Coast is one of the most popular destinations in the country among tourists and the locals alike. If you wish to explore the captivating beauty of this breathtaking area as well, here is a comprehensive guide taking you through everything you need to know about the beautiful Gold Coast:

When to visit the Gold Coast

Offering sunshine and pleasant temperatures all year round, the Gold Coast has some of the nicest and most enjoyable weather in Australia, which makes it such a wonderful destination to visit. However, it would still be recommended to plan your Gold Coast travels from the end of April to the beginning of June, as this period offers the most pleasant daily temperatures, averaging between 17-25°C (62-76°F), without being overcrowded with tourists.

On the other hand, the period between mid-November and early December should generally be avoided, as this is the time when most locals go on their yearly holidays, crowding the beaches and attractions, and raising the overall prices.

Australia Gold Coast Travel Guides for Couples

Where to stay in the area

Whether you are preparing for an unforgettable road trip or planning a relaxing getaway, accommodation is an essential aspect of your travels, and you will truly be spoilt for choice in this area. From charming boutique hotels to the most indulgent luxury resorts, you can find the accommodations on that perfectly suit your needs on the Gold Coast.

But if you’re traveling during the high season, keep in mind that these traditional forms of accommodation tend to be quite pricey for the average tourist. If you wish to save on accommodation costs, a better alternative would be to find a suitable AirBnb option or even choose a higher-end hostel that still offers a comfortable and pleasurable stay.

Best ways to get around

Even though taxis are quite expensive here, as in most popular tourist destinations, the Gold Coast is a well-connected area that offers efficient public transport. The G:link rail will effortlessly take you to the main attractions, while the bus system could get you nearly anywhere you’d like to go, although you should expect longer travel times when using public transport here.

If you’d like to travel the Gold Coast at your own pace and experience everything this beautiful area has to offer, your best option would be to rent a private vehicle. For instance, you could find an efficient and reliable car hire in Brisbane, and then head out on an exciting road trip along the Gold Coast, exploring the sights and attractions according to your own schedule and preferences.

Exploring the beautiful beaches in gold coast Australia

Exploring the beautiful beaches

The pristine white-sand beaches and crystal-clear waters are undoubtedly the main attraction of the Gold Coast, which simply shouldn’t be missed when traveling through the area. Duranbah, for example, is a relaxing stretch surrounded by charming hills, ideal for an unwinding and indulgent holiday the entire family can enjoy.

While also a popular beach spot that offers some of the most beautiful sunsets, Rainbow Bay is a great place for surfing adventures as well, being the main hub of Queensland’s surfing scene. Greenmount is another idyllic beach favored by surfers and swimmers alike, where you might even spot some charming dolphins while enjoying your relaxing getaway.

Enjoying the natural surroundings

Although the Gold Coast beaches are undeniably beautiful, this area provides some of the most underrated family vacations in Australia as well. For example, the Tamborine, Lamington, and Springbrook National Parks are all just a day trip away from the Gold Coast, offering mountain streams, lush forests, and exciting hiking trails that will satisfy any nature lover.

If you love interacting with animals, on the other hand, the Gold Coast also offers quite an impressive array of wildlife. You could experience native species like koalas, reptiles, and an abundance of birdlife in David Fleay Wildlife Park and the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, go on a horse-riding experience throughout the Gold Coast Hinterland or even decide on a magnificent whale-watching adventure in the area; whatever appeals to you the most.

adventurous activities in gold coast

Opting for adventurous activities

Apart from relaxing beaches and interesting family trips, the Gold Coast also has a few activities to offer for the more adventurous travelers, from challenging, off-the-grid hiking trails to the most exciting ziplining and skydiving experiences you will ever come across.

For an equally thrill-seeking adventure that’s more suitable for the entire family, you could also visit Gold Coast’s exciting theme parks. Wet’n’Wild offers spacious pools along with extreme waterslides, for instance, Dreamworld is the perfect combination of big, interesting rides, children’s shows, and animal attractions, while Movie World offers even bolder rides, including Australia’s largest rollercoaster, as well as some interesting attractions for the younger ones, like a movie-themed driving school and cartoon character encounters.

From the most beautiful and relaxing beaches in the world to incredibly fun and adventurous activities, the Gold Coast truly has something to offer for any type of traveler, and should undoubtedly be on your list when planning your next vacation.

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