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Being an Airbnb host can bring you the much-needed additional income and it can do so fairly quickly. And though this may sound easy, if you truly want to be a good Airbnb host, you’ll have to put some effort and money into it. Your goal should be for your guests to leave great reviews, to recommend you to their friends and to gladly come back to you when the chance arises. So, if you want to become precisely that kind of a host, but you’re unsure about how to achieve that, here are some smart steps for you to take.

get informed airbnb guide

Get Informed

Prior to renting out your apartment, you should get familiar with any local laws surrounding this type of business. This will allow you to host responsibly and avoid paying enormous fines if you opt for peer-to-peer renting without a valid permit. You’ll also have to pay taxes for your rental, which is another thing that differs from one country or even city to another. There are places where Airbnb will be able to do the tax part for you, but don’t assume that this is the case with where you live or rent. Instead, to stay on the safe side, find out what laws and regulations say about this kind of renting in your area before you list your space online. Also, read all of the rules on the Airbnb website carefully, so that you don’t break any of them unknowingly.

Start When You’re Ready

Before you receive your first guests, it’s crucial to be fully prepared for them. This is something that will require you to be well organized from the very start. For instance, you should put plenty of thought into the rules for your space, and print them on paper, so that your guests can read them as soon as they arrive. In addition, you can create a list of some local attractions, but also emergency numbers and your own contact information, so that your guests feel more comfortable. Other than that, you should purchase some new bedding and essential kitchen and bathroom supplies, as they’ll need those when they get to your place. If the rental doesn’t have Wi-Fi or cable, you should get them installed and, above all, take a lot of good pictures and post them on the website, as that’s how you’ll attract tourists and stand out from the competition. Only when you’ve done all of these should you even consider listing your place.

Invest in Décor

Invest in Décor

In order to make your rental more appealing to prospect guests, you should furnish it to the best of your abilities. First of all, you should determine what kind of clientele you’re trying to attract, as you’ll definitely decorate the place differently if you’re aiming for families with kids than you would if you were going for backpackers. The place should be uncluttered, with all of the furniture in it functional. Overcrowding any space with unnecessary items can make it seem claustrophobic and disorganized. However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t introduce some details that will make it look nicer. You can do this through cleverly placed accessories and decorative elements. Another excellent example is using beautiful top-quality floral wallpapers on your walls. Not only are these a phenomenal way to keep your walls looking tidy and modern, but they’re a gorgeous addition to any room, since they come in a wide variety of colors and styles for you to pick from. This way you’ll be able to add a splash of color and a touch of luxury at the same time, so that your guests love your place from the moment they set foot in it.

Be Upfront

Although you want the photos and the description of your place to catch people’s attention and make them want to choose you and nobody else as a host, don’t forget that what you really want is for their reviews to be positive. To get those reviews, you actually have to deliver what you advertise. So, if your online portrayal of your rental is much better than the real thing, you can expect your guests to be somewhat dissatisfied, which will definitely show in what they have to say about it once they leave. Therefore, perhaps it’s better to tone down the praise of your place, especially so if the reality isn’t exactly that incredible. Otherwise, you’ll end up building up your guests’ expectations and then disappointing them. On the other hand, if you throw in some extras, your guests will notice it straight away. You can leave them a hairdryer, a few different chargers they can use while staying at your place, or even a small welcome gift, which doesn’t have to be anything expensive. A fruit bowl, some coffee for their first morning there or a cooled bottle of sparkling water will go a long way. If you don’t have any money to spend on this, simply placing a kind welcome note in a visible spot for them will do the trick and show that you’re a kind and thoughtful host.

Set Realistic Prices

Set Realistic Prices

One of the reasons that people opt for Airbnb rentals, rather than hotels, are the prices. People don’t want to overspend on accommodation, when they can use that money to stay longer in one place or see more sights while they’re there. Even though you’re renting to make money, you shouldn’t go overboard with the prices you set. Don’t forget the market is huge and people have the right to choose, so make sure the price you set matches what you’re offering them. If you don’t know how to determine the price, you can check what people around you charge for their rentals, but also the prices of hotels and hostels near you. The price will hugely depend on your location, the size of the place and the number of beds, as well as the state of the place. You won’t get as much for an older apartment as you’d get for a newer and cozier one. Plus, if your rental comes with some useful add-ons, you can actually increase its price. These would include bicycles, coolers or even a game console your guests can use, and which they would pay extra for, without giving it a second thought.

Renting your house or apartment through Airbnb is fantastic way to earn some money, especially so if you’re an exceptional host. With these tips, renting your place won’t be a burden, but a joyful way to meet new people and increase your budget at the same time.

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