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couples travel to Taiwan

Singapore travel buddies now have a reason to smile as Taiwan is only a plan away. For the couples looking to travel to Taiwan, this could be the best decision you ever made. Singapore is an ideal region to explore with your loved one as there are lots of romantic and spectacular itineraries that you can embark on. Couples looking to travel to Taiwan for the first time, this is your ultimate guide. From here, you will discover the mind-blowing areas to spend quality time with your spouse or for a honeymoon.

In this article, you are going to learn of the spellbinding places to explore this magnificent country as a couple, and your travel in Taiwan will be phenomenal.

1. Visit Taipei 101

It was once the tallest building standing on earth. Taipei is one of the most spectacular buildings in Taiwan, where you can spend quality time with your loved one as you overlook the beautiful country from a high point. The building stands on a firm ground that makes it strong enough to withstand the frequent Taiwan earthquakes. This is one place you must tour while in Taiwan.

2. Taroko gorge

Several hours on a train from Taipei will lead you to the phenomenal Taroko National Park. This park is home to the most flabbergasting natural wonders. The park is frequently visited by many tourists from all over the world, and it is worth a visit. There is an astounding waterfall at the Eternal Spring Shrine, making this place a living heaven.

3. Yushan National Park

Couples travel in Taiwan cannot be complete without visiting the ever-blazing Yushan National Park. It is among the marvelous and incredible national parks in the country. This park orchestrates the tallest mountain in Taiwan and has several picturesque peaks like Sanqingshan. If you are looking for where to travel in December, then this should be in your bucket list.

4. Sun Moon Lake

It is a massive water body in Taiwan that has a romantic kind of setting. It is an excellent destination with several high-end restaurants and buzz of activities from the yachts around. It is a fantastic place for a honeymoon.

5. Maokong

This is a renowned destination in Taiwan where a couple can enjoy a cup of tea as they catch a glimpse of the surrounding. With fascinating sceneries all around, making a day trip in Maokong could be the best experience ever.

6. Alishan Mountain Area

If you are in search of serenity as a couple, then the Alishan’s mountain railway is your tourist destination. It is famous for both foreign and local tourists, with the train winding up its way to the mountain top. Discover scenic views with the hiking trails and capture breathtaking photos from the moment.

7. Maolin Scenic Area

To the south of Kaohsiung is the Maolin National Scenic Area. It is a serene environment where you’ll explore the Purple Butterfly Valley, which is home to millions of butterflies. It is a unique place to discover with your significant other from the spectacular views.

8. Gorgeous Taiwan Beaches

Kenting beaches found to the south of this remarkable island will offer you a great time as a couple. Visit the white sand bay and soak yourselves up in the sand, swim around, snorkel, or even take a dive.

9. Visit the rainbow village

It is a colorful neighborhood curated by Huang Yung-fu, who was a local man. He acknowledged that the town looked so dull and decided to lighten it up with paint. You could visit this wondrous-looking village with your partner while in Taiwan.

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