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Top Tips for Opening Your First Hostel

Hostels are one of the most popular accommodation options for tourists worldwide. Those travelling on a budget would always rather pay less for accommodation so that they can splurge elsewhere. Hostels are more affordable than other housing options, which is why they constantly attract tourists worldwide. Running a hostel can be a smart way to make a profit while offering travellers the best experience in your city. If you’re planning to open your first hostel, you’ll need to cover several bases to ensure the highest-quality service to your future guests.

1. Secure the money

When you decide to open a hostel, you’ll need to have enough money secured to allow you to invest in the hostel. From buying the property to potential renovating and further remodelling, you’ll need to have a substantial amount of money for your future endeavour. Additionally, do all the math for the finances that you’ll have to provide after you open the hostel. Are you renting an edifice or are you going to be the owner? How high will the utility bills be? Take all the aspects into consideration to get a proper insight into your business finances.

Pick a good location

2. Pick a good location

After you’ve secured the money, it’s time to start looking for the best location for your future hostel. Do the research and discover which areas of your city lack hostels. Even if some of the most popular districts are packed with hostels, yours can have a wow factor to beat other hostels in popularity. If you want to open a hostel in a massive city like Melbourne, consider the public transport connections to the rest of the city. On top of that, check the distance to the airport, train station and bus station, when deciding on the most suitable location for your hostel.

3. Set up bedrooms with enough beds

Hostels need to be cosy and inviting enough to ensure you get the best ratings. The nature of a hostel is, such that it doesn’t cater for too much privacy, so guests will expect to mingle more than they would in a hotel. Depending on the size of the rooms, try to set up between 4 and 12 beds per room. Bunk beds will save space, so consider mixing bunk beds with single ones for the ultimate comfort. You don’t want people to feel too crowded in their rooms so choose the number of beds carefully. Test the convenience and safety in a room after you set up beds. Does it feel like it could use one less bed? Follow your instinct and eliminate the bed that’s unnecessary.

Assemble common areas(s)

4. Assemble common areas(s)

The next thing to do is to create comfortable common areas for your guests. Rooms where all the guests will be able to hang out, watch tv, play games and eat. Make the hostel more popular by offering various board games so guests can have fun times while socialising. A bookshelf with classic titles or several genres for everyone’s taste is another good recommendation. Some people won’t be in the mood to socialize, but would rather be on their own and read a book, so try to accommodate everyone’s tastes. A snack bar, vending machines and a juice bar add to an entire experience.

5. Check the condition of the building

For a hostel to be functional, electrics, plumbing, and heating need to be in perfect shape. So, when you find a property that you want to turn into a hostel, you’ll need to perform a thorough inspection. The last thing you need is an electricity-related hazard that can cause severe damage to your facilities. Once you notice any malfunction, it’s best to call professionals in your area. If you’re about to open a hostel in Melbourne or surrounding areas like Frankston, look for an experienced electrician to tackle the task. Only with a professional and skilled electrician in Frankston will you be sure the job will be done right and your property will be hazard-free.

6. Include laundry facilities

Laundry facilities will be an invaluable amenity in your hostel. Most tourists who book a hostel stay will travel light, but they’ll need a laundromat to keep their clothes clean and fresh. Instead of having them look for laundry rooms in the area, consider setting up a few laundry facilities around the hostel. If there’s a big enough room where you can fit in several washing machines and dryers, have only one laundry area.


7. Have enough bathrooms

Aside from bedrooms and common areas, your hostel will need several bathrooms too. Again, the number of bathrooms will depend on the number of rooms and beds per room. Think about having one bathroom facilitate for eight people. Every bathroom should have enough showers and toilets to make the guests feel comfortable but not overcrowded. Depending on the cost of your accommodation, you can offer basic toiletries for a fee or hand complementary sets.

Promote the hostel online

8. Promote the hostel online

Now that the hostel is fully equipped, it’s time you attracted guests into it. List your property on online booking sites and wait for the guests to find you. Make sure you take quality photographs that you will upload to your profiles. Everyone loves to check as much of the property as possible, so avoid those tricky angles where you’ll offer a deceitful perspective of your hostel. Always be honest and provide nothing but a straightforward and transparent description of your property. Include as many details about the city area your hostel is in, about the amenities and prices. Share the links to your online profiles on social media and promote the hostel online too. Creating exposure for the property is vital if you want your property to become popular.

Opening a hostel is a huge endeavour that will take a lot of work. When you decide to start your business, make sure you have enough money to start and finish the project. Our tips will be of great help, so don’t hesitate to read them several times to ensure your hostel’s safety and good exposure.

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