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On-The-Trail Meals for Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbing is a blast, challenging activity, and the perfect way to set out on a memorable adventure. Spending time surrounded by Mother Nature is a very good thing for the body, mind, and soul. Before you head out, don’t forget to pack all of your essentials. Our nature lovers also have some wonderful on-the-trail meals for mountain climbers that are quick, convenient and above all, darn delicious!

1. Cooked Food From Home

Let’s be frank. You aren’t going to be carrying a refrigerator with you as you climb those gnarly peaks nor are you going to be carrying a load of heavy pots and pans when you secure the perfect spot for camping in Ohio.

You want to enjoy the fresh air and beauty of your landscape, but you can prepare some foods at home or buy them ahead of time that can last a day or two.

Some of these yummy meals would include bagels and cream cheese, hummus, left-over pizza, meat patties, veggie patties, and sausage.

2. Instant Oatmeal

Talk about nourishing, a cup of instant oatmeal is easy to carry with you and is ready with some hot water and a good stir. You can also add nuts, cinnamon, dried fruit, etc.

It’s a filling breakfast, lunch, or dinner and is only about 100 calories. Instant oatmeal comes loaded with heart-healthy whole oats and fiber.

Pros who climb mountains also emphasize the importance of carbohydrates in the diet before you take your adventure.

Carbs should make up one-half of your meals because they’re easier to digest than proteins and can deliver a tremendous source of energy.

3. Hard Cheese And Salami

Another delicious meal that’s easy to pack and whip out at any time is some hard cheese and salami. Refrigeration is not needed, and since protein is involved, the meal digests slower next to carbs but leaves you feeling satisfied longer.

Here’s a tip. Rub some salt onto the exposed end of the salami to preserve it once opened. Don’t cut into pre-made slices because bacteria has room to grow.

Parmesan, cheddar, and mozzarella are all trail-worthy and leading choices for your adventure.

4. Tuna Packet

It’s a classic and tasty and easy to tote around. A tuna packet with cheddar crackers makes a healthy meal for lunch or dinner.

Take a break, and open the packet, and then dip your cheddar crackers in for a scoop of tuna. It’s a high-protein meal that’s low in sugar, and you don’t need a bowl or spoon.

5. Avocado Toast

You don’t need the toast, but if you’ve got your hand on some or a bagel, then avocado is an excellent meal along the trail. It’s a great superfood and fills you up substantially.

You can even carry avocados around in an empty Pringles chips tube. Slice one open in half, sprinkle a little salt or lemon and enjoy.

6. Tasty Tortillas

Another option for meals when you’re going to go mountain climbing is to take out the tortillas. That’s right. Tortillas are unique because they pack flat. We’ve all seen what can happen to bread.

In addition, just about everything tastes better on a tortilla. Make a meal with peanut butter and banana or add tuna to yours or load it with hummus full of protein and iron. Look for flour tortillas because they don’t crumble so easily.

7. Refried Beans

You can make a delicious meal with refried beans, a packet of taco seasoning and some minute rice. Add some water to your little stove pot, and pour in the rest to simmer for about one minute.

Toss in some cheddar cheese to melt, and top it off with a handful of Fritos corn chips.

8. Ramen Noodles

This one needs a little introduction. Ramen noodles are cheap, come in a few flavors and provide excellent carbs. Add some instant mashed potatoes, and create a super carb Ramen Bomb! This makes for a lightweight, calorie-dense, and versatile meal.

It’s time to head for the peaks and set out on that great adventure. Consider our list of on-the-trail meal favorites for that delicious, nutritious, energetic boost!

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