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This durian season will be coming to an end very soon and if you are looking to have one more feast of durians, check out 8 Durian. Behind this fairly new establishment is the same team as 8 Crabs which we previously reviewed. Similarly, 8 Durian is an online business and also has their own private plantation in Pahang, Malaysia, where they get their supply of durian.

8 durian singapore

They have both frozen and fresh durians available on their website and prices differ accordingly depending on the type of durian you choose. Prices are also updated daily to maintain competitiveness. Each packet of durian weighs about 450g. Delivery is free for orders above $100 but you can also opt for a 1-hour express delivery at $18. We placed our order 2 days in advance for their Premium Mao Shan Wang “AAA Grade” and Premium Black Gold Durian. The ordering process was easy and straightforward. There are 3 delivery timeslots daily which covers from 12 noon to almost midnight so you can choose to have your durians almost any time of the day.

8 durian Singapore

Simply add to cart and order

Rest assured that you will get to enjoy your durians as they have a Replacement Guarantee, where you qualify for a replacement or refund if your delivery is late or durians are not of the promised quality. In this case, make sure to provide photographs to help them in verification.

8 Durian Review


We enjoyed a smooth ordering process and punctual delivery. The Black Gold durians were very rich and bitter while the AAA Grade Mao Shan Wang ones were milder and sweeter in taste. If you are a serious durian lover, we recommend going straight for the delicious Black Gold durians.

Personally, we prefer our durians non-chilled since we intended to finish everything on the day itself as durians left overnight are not as fresh. The texture of the durian will also not be as creamy which is the way we like to have it.

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