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During this time when most people are working at home, we tend to get lazier. Be it losing weight, building your career or learning a new skill, it never happens overnight – it is always about putting in effort in the long run before you see any major changes. The time taken to reach our goals is often what makes us lose motivation or interest in what we wanted in the beginning. Here are some tips to help you to get motivated and maintain a positive mindset to achieve more things.

Keep a to-do list

1. Keep a to-do list

You need to know your goals before you accomplish them! Writing them down will help you keep a clear track of things that you need or want to do in a day. Keep it realistic. Know what you need to do and visualize the best ways you can go about accomplishing them to save time. Having a clear idea of your goals also helps to reduce anxiety.

2. Set yourself a deadline

It is very natural to procrastinate when we do not even have an idea of when we want to get things done. When writing down your to-do list, we suggest that you also prioritize your goals and set deadlines to each one. You may even categorize your goals depending on whether they are short-term or long-term ones. The more important ones should have a nearer deadline so you know you need to start working on them as soon as possible. This will also prevent yourself from getting distracted by the numerous things you may want to do as you know which ones you need to focus on first.

Motivational Quotes

3. Motivational Quotes

Write down some motivational or inspirational quotes and put them near where you work so you tend to see them often. This will help to remind you to continue to move forward constantly when you feel like you are losing the support to work hard. Reading motivational quotes keeps one optimistic as they are encouraging and inspirational, and this gives the reader a sense of hopefulness in achieving something.

Reflect on your mistakes

4. Reflect on your mistakes and learn from them

It is inevitable that we do not succeed in everything we do, and we need to accept that. Sometimes certain things may require more time or effort than we expect. When things are not going your way, take a step back and think about what may have gone wrong and how you can improve. Most importantly, be optimistic and consider them as good experience.

5. Always remind yourself why you need to get things done

You need to know what you are working hard for! Imagine and visualize yourself enjoying the fruits of your labour after working hard for your goals and you will feel more motivated to put in the effort for it. Ultimately, motivation is something that you cultivate within yourself, and there is always a motive for it, so constantly keeping your goals in mind is important.

work on achieving your goals together

6. Hang out with those working for similar goals

People are often influenced by others around them, so spend your time with like-minded friends and work on achieving your goals together! Don’t be afraid to ask for help or advice when facing obstacles and most importantly encourage each other.

Reward yourself

7. Reward yourself

There is no harm in giving yourself a little reward when you accomplish something! It can be something like small such as having a cup of your favourite bubble tea or a good meal, as long as it makes you feel good about yourself. Such small perks can go a long way and make you feel less stressed about your tasks because you know you are reaping benefits for yourself at the end of the day!

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