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Travelling in 2021 sounds almost like a dream. Will we even be able to leave our houses?

If so, are there still flights going…anywhere? So many questions and yet no definite answers can be unsettling, but with the COVID-19 vaccine, the hopes of seeing more than just the local park keep us crossing our fingers.

Georgia country sideWhile it’s doubtful that any leisure travel will resume before late spring if things get better, it is possible we’ll again start going on adventures we so dearly miss.

And for when that time comes, here are 7 top travel destinations in 2021.

Costa Rica

According to, Costa Rica has maintained one of the lowest Covid-19 fatality rates in Latin America and has successfully managed and contained the virus.

Costa Rica is the regional and global leader in sustainability and conservation in most areas, including tourism. The focus on necessary changes makes conscious travelers feel more comfortable in a time where climate change action is usually slow.

The luscious country offers plenty of fantastic eco-lodging options for various budgets, from the simple jungle or waterside shacks to luxurious establishments such as breathtaking tree houses.

New Zealand

Shifting interests and priorities in travel make the local government and business shift their itineraries as well. The cookie-cutter mass tourism offers are less and less popular as travelers are looking for more authenticity. reports that The Maori Tourism Board will soon launch three- to five-day itineraries around the North Island that focus on Maori projects and conservation areas and include visits to Maori marae or temples as well as overnights on sacred grounds like the protected Rangitoto Island.

All the tour guides will come from the local tribes, and they’ll share their stories and folklore. So if you’re up for a different kind of travel – New Zealand is the place to go.


For many, Mexico’s name brings up images of pristine beaches, sunny pool sides, and cocktails.

But this country is so much more than that! Actually, the most exciting travel experiences begin in the country’s interior.

So, if the travel starts moving later in the year, skip Acapulco or Cancun and head for Mexico city and its bustling food culture, visit the capital’s surrounding villages or visit Merida city, the Yucatan state capital.


The big white North is one of the leading destinations for winter travel, and it’s going to be one of the top 2021 travel destinations for everyone looking to immerse in nature and heal.

Canada’s supersized gorgeous views of mountains, waterfalls, coastlines, glaciers, and forests have no competition. And the activities such as skiing, hiking or watching Northern lights create lifetime memories.

Those looking to explore more than nature have a vast choice of food, shopping, and cultural experiences in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary, and even smaller cities.

One of the most popular festivals in Canada is Oktoberfest. It is a nine-day celebration held every year in the twin cities of Kitchener and Waterloo. It is the second-largest Oktoberfest in the world, and it is modeled on the original German Oktoberfest. It is marketed as Canada’s Greatest Bavarian Festival. There will be plenty of Oktoberfest music, local bands, and regional entertainers to keep you entertained as you sway to the beat, sing along, and dance on the beer benches.

Svaneti Region, Georgia

Georgia has been on the rise for travelers in the past few years. And if things go well on the pandemic front, the Svaneti region northwest Georgia’s Caucasus mountains is predicted to be one of the top spots this year.

It has it all for the adventurous traveler – a breathtaking rugged landscape, medieval stone castles and towers, and the fact that it’s so remote you almost feel like on another planet.

Svaneti is a protected World Heritage site and has unique traditions, customs, and language. An underrated destination!

Los Glaciares National Park, Argentina

Nature and adventure lovers who still haven’t visited the Los Glaciares National Park in Argentina should definitely put it on their wish-list for this year.

Located near the border with Chile, this park has around 300 glaciers covering almost half of the park surface. If you’re fit enough, you’ll witness gorgeous waterfalls, ice formations, caves, and underground rivers during the hikes through the park.


The tiny Caribbean island Grenada is a real beach paradise, and in 2021 that’s all most people dream of.

The tropical destination boasts lush rainforests, waterfalls, pristine beaches (it has around 45 beaches!), and picturesque settlements with colorful houses.

If you need a break from, well, everything, Grenada is the perfect place to relax, unwind, enjoy amazing views and a chill atmosphere.

Remember that Grenada has no land-based casinos, but has no regulation on online gambling, with the government even offering licenses to online gambling operators.

Therefore, to gamble on Grenada head on to TwinSpires on your mobile, where you can have the roulette table layout explained and play with comfort from your device. Always read about gambling laws in the country or state you are visiting.

There you have it, the best 7 travel destinations for 2021. Travel safely and respect the safety measures and social distancing rules.

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