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It’s incredible how people fear a lot of things in this world. Common triggers often include height and fear of the unknown. Unfortunately, such worries come with a lot of anxiousness. Sometimes, the anxiety can be overwhelming to the point that those suffering become grounded and stuck. One example would be in the case of flying anxiety. Those suffering would instead go by road, no matter how tiring it is. Or, one can even use other means to travel. In extreme cases where no alternatives exist, they choose to cancel necessary trips or travel with so much fear if it is unavoidable.

Fortunately, it is easy to get yourself ready for a flight, no matter how terrifying the idea seems to you at first. All you need to do is, take a cup of tea to calm your nerves and prepare your mind for the journey ahead. Below are some of the most helpful teas you can take to calm down.

Chamomile Tea guides

1. Chamomile

Besides taking CBD tea, you can use chamomile as your herbal tea when fighting flight anxiety. This garden herb helps calm the stomach by supporting sleep. It contains a helpful substance known as apigenin, which helps relieve stress and support anxiety relief. It is also said to help reduce depression. Taking chamomile on your flight or right before taking the flight may be the best thing you do to calm down.

Valerian tea

2. Valerian

This is another herbal tea that works perfectly for people struggling with anxiety. It supports better sleep, and its compounds help change the brain’s reaction to stress, fear, and anxiety. It has a woody taste since it is made from the plant’s roots. You can take a cup of this tea once you settle down on the plane. The tea will help calm you down and even help you sleep all through the flight to avoid feeling anxious or agitated.

3. Lavender Tea

Lavender remains one of the most calming and soothing products today. A drop or two of lavender oil in your tea makes all the difference, especially if you struggle with anxiety of any kind. The aroma is calming and goes a long way in helping ease you up. This explains why it works well for patients with dementia and other mental challenges.

4. Winter Cherry/ Ashwagandha

This is an old herb that has been around for more than 3000 years. It works excellently for conditions such as anxiety, insomnia, and depression. Taking a cup of cherry tea ensures that you benefit from the anti-anxiety properties it comes with. What’s more, it is a natural remedy that you do not have to worry about any adverse side effects.

On the contrary, cherry tea will help manage your stress levels, thus, keeping your anxiety levels in check. To make it even more useful, you may want to mix it with other teas for flavoring because it is relatively flat on its own.

Tumeric Tea and Honey mix

5. Tumeric Tea and Honey mix

When choosing natural solutions for your anxiety, and especially if you love taking tea, the turmeric-honey tea will be one you love. Turmeric is easy to find, and the chances are that it is already on your kitchen counter. It is both a herb and spice that works perfectly in different cases. Consider making a cup of turmeric tea with honey before leaving for your flight if you feel exceptionally anxious and disturbed.

Typically, this solution works when you mix a bit of turmeric in boiling milk and adding some honey for flavoring. In case you want a non-dairy version of the same drink, then make a cup of green tea with turmeric and honey.

6. CBD Tea

CBD is known as an excellent anti-depressant because of its calming properties. People struggling with anxiety and depression understand how bad this can be. It is worse when it interferes with daily activities and hinders one’s productivity. Fortunately, using CBD in any form, including tea, can help ease the anxiety and help you get through the day. CBD proponents believe that it can help raise serotonin levels, improving mood, and supporting better sleep.

When this happens, any affected person rests better. This means that the cannabinoid can help with anxiety. There are different components found in cannabis, namely CBD, THC, and CBN. But what is CBN? This is a form of cannabinoid with a mild psychotic effect. It is often formed by exposing THC to light and air and mainly happens in aged cannabis.

It is essential to understand the CBD product you are using first before purchasing it. This can be achieved by doing your research properly. Those who have used CBD tea before attesting that it works perfectly and makes them feel overwhelmingly calm after a few minutes of consuming it.

Passionflower tea

7. Passionflower

This unique herb is excellent as it has a calming effect on the mind. Usually, it works to prevent insomnia and anxiety. When people sleep better, they are less stressed and more active. What’s more, it comes with a beautiful fragrant that makes it even more calming. If you love passion, then this will taste great for you.

Final Thoughts

When looking for simple home remedies and solutions for considerations such as anxiety, make sure to keep it simple. Sometimes it is the things around you that make life easier. Do not overstress when all you need to do is relax and calm down. Choose your tea and enjoy it frequently for better results.

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