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When you think about traveling, what comes to mind is everything about making good memories and having loads of fun. At home, before your journey, you are already imagining yourself getting astounded by wonderful scenery and experiencing one-of-a-kind adventures in your much-awaited trip. You have been rehearsing in your mind how you’d pose for the camera once you reach the destinations of your dreams. The thrilling excitement you get is like no other. Generally, people go on trips to feel great joy, relaxing and unwinding in homely places away from home, and it’s such a huge delight to hit the target!

Nonetheless, trips can happen differently from the way you have intended them. Even those you have carefully planned can become partly unpredictable once you arrive at your travel destination. Just like a seemingly endless road, trips can be far or close but not really close from your expectation. There might even be some portions you never thought would happen. Well, it’s totally fine if the unforeseen areas are all good and beyond what you asked for, but it’s going to be awful if they are unfavorable. Not everyone encounters a trip like that, but if it so happens that you encounter it, you’d definitely be stressed out.

Here are 6 worst travel experiences you never want to have. Know what they are and what to do to avoid, prevent and/or get rid of them. Above anything else, do remember that one basic necessity you should have is having a prepaid Sims Direct travel SIM because communication is very important.

missing flight

1 – Missing flights

One of the most common mischances that many travelers come across is missing their flights. This is one of the most disadvantageous, too, which could lead you to getting disheartened while trying to find a way out of its effects.

Missing your flight means you cannot ride the plane you booked, and you will not arrive at your destination at the time or date planned. It’s possible to re-book, however, if the airlines are fully booked and busy, you’d need to try again next time. This creates a domino effect; all your reservations will be cancelled or postponed and rescheduled.

Flights are booked, scheduled and fixed, and there’s no cancellation once it’s completely set. You cannot ask the airlines to delay their operations even a minute only to wait for you. There’s no valid excuse. Other passengers are there, too. It’s your utmost responsibility to comply with the airline requirements and to be present at the airport hours before your designated flight time. It’s a basic rule that every flying traveler must be aware of.

2 – Vehicle crash

Something nobody wants to experience while traveling is getting into a vehicle crash. Vehicle damages are costly, but the costlier matter is when human health and safety are affected. Lives are much more expensive than anything.

Make sure that when you yourself are driving your private vehicle for your trip, you are in a good physical condition to do so. Get enough rest, so you won’t fall asleep while behind the wheels. Don’t drink alcohol if you know there’s no other driver in the group apart from you. Be very careful when driving. Good skills are not enough; you have to be cautious too.

If your squad is renting a vehicle with a hired driver, see to it that both are licensed and in positive condition. The driver should not be reckless and imprudent. Be wise when renting and hiring because with great power comes great responsibility.

3 – Losing your wallet or other valuables

Definitely among the worst travel experiences, nobody wants to even imagine is losing valuables during the trip. Worse is when it happens abroad, overseas. That’s surely a headache and a wallet ache in one blow!

Valuables that usually get lost when traveling include wallets, cell phones, gadget chargers, passports and many more essentials. It would be very difficult to retrieve them if in the first place, you are not aware when they dropped from your bag, when you unknowingly left them behind somewhere, or when they got stolen.

It’s even more taxing if this happens abroad since regulations could be different and places are unfamiliar.

4 – Getting food poisoned

Rare but it could happen if you are not so watchful of what you eat. Food is one of the most interesting and exciting parts of traveling. You get to try and taste new delicacies and discover other countries’ local dishes. However, it could be dangerous if you are not too hasty and impulsive. You might get food poisoned.

Do not just eat whatever is suggested and served to you. Know where they are gotten from and how they are made. Don’t be afraid to ask, so you can be safe. If you have food allergies, you should be extra careful.

Food poisoning is a serious health issue that might lead to not only an upset stomach but also death.

5 – Banks and cards becoming inaccessible

You need money, quite a lot of it, when going on trips. You will be paying here and there. It’s all part of traveling, so that’s fine.

But it’s not fine when banks and cards become inaccessible. It could be the online banking application crashing or going under maintenance, or your cards getting blocked or unable to dispense cash for some strange reason.

This is one of the worst travel experiences that make you feel embarrassed and troubled because it involves money. It could be hard to address when you are abroad and your local bank is hard to reach.

To have other back-up plans, bring cash when traveling, and ensure access to multiple online payment options.

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6 – Arriving on stormy seasons

Last but certainly one of the worst travel experiences of some people is arriving at their destination during a stormy season. Geez, generally speaking, it’s a waste unless your itinerary is best when it rains or offers another kind of beauty when it rains.

Storms halt every exciting outdoor activity, nature tour, amusement park visit and just almost everything in your travel list! It kills time because you have to wait for the rain to stop to properly stroll and have fun. It kills joy because your planned activities might be cancelled or restricted because they are not safe to do when it’s raining hard. You will be involuntarily staying in the hotel accommodation longer than you thought you would.

To dodge the storms, schedule your trip thoughtfully, considering the seasons in general and the weather forecasts in your place of travel. Bring the right clothes to wear to keep yourself safe and protected no matter what.


People travel to unwind, rest and rejuvenate themselves through seeing the world from different angles. Whenever you have the chance to go on leisure trips, you surely make the most out of every moment to create the best travel memories yet. You plan and prepare everything you need to let that happen, yet sometimes, some unanticipated things spring up and ruin your organized plans and timetables.

They certainly give you tons of worries and hassles when you should be undisturbed and at ease. They affect how you enjoy your travel, and yes, they make your trip unforgettable but terribly unforgettable for that matter.

When you come face to face with the worst travel experiences, such as the ones mentioned above, avoid panicking too much. Instead, reach out to concerned authorities, particularly when you are abroad and when the issue involves legal concerns. Seek help from your loved ones and contact them as needed. As much as possible, be calm and composed, so you can attentively overcome the mishaps you unexpectedly meet while traveling.

Since trips can sometimes be unpredictable, too, no matter how much you plan for it, be ready not only for the pleasant but also for the unpleasant things and situations you might need to tackle. Travel wisely from beginning to end.

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