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There are several activities and venues at Gardens by the Bay that will amaze you. You can stroll in the OCBC Skyway, enjoy the Garden Rhapsody, admire the art sculptures, and more.

Among so many attractive places, Gardens by the Bay becomes a must-visited spot in Singapore. Having 50 meters in height, this magnificent garden was first opened on June 29, 2012. This city’s iconic huge gardens are home to so many kinds of plants and flowers. Even if the plantation doesn’t attract you so much, you will find yourself amused and mesmerized as you step into these landmarks. Here, we’ve gathered up six things to do at Gardens by the Bay.

Supertree Grove and OCBC Skyway

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

1. Supertree Grove and OCBC Skyway

Located in the Bay South Garden near the Marine Bay Sands, Gardens by the Bay is very famous for its Supertree Groves. While you stroll in this garden, you might instantly feel that you’re taken to an alien planet. The height of these impressive supertrees is 20 to 50 meters. Use the OCBC Skyway from one Supertree to another. Walking through the 128-meter long OCBC Skyways, you will see bird’s-eye views of the park and grove from 22 meters in the air.

Garden Rhapsody at Gardens by the Bay Singapore

Photo by Timo Wagner on Unsplash

2. Garden Rhapsody

Make sure to secure a perfect seeing spot around Gardens by the Bay. At 7:45 pm and 8:45 pm every evening, this landmark hosts the Garden Rhapsody. Some Supertrees have photovoltaic cells that can apply solar energy to power the Supertrees. You will be amazed by the spectacular lights and sounds during the Garden Rhapsody.

3. Floral Fantasy

Get lost in billions of beautiful and colorful flowers as you step into the Floral Fantasy. In this section, you will be welcomed by a garden environment called Dance, Float, Waltz, and Drift. Learn about three thousand plants and over 15,000 flowers with their fairy-tale scene. Also, you can see “Darth Vader” Begonias,” fried egg” tree, and colorful poison dart frogs.

4. The Art Sculptures

Green trees and bright-colored flowers are not the only things you can see in Gardens by the Bay. Here, you will be captivated by over forty unique and artistry art sculptures. Serving as inviting decorative spots, the art sculptures were created by local and international artists. Among many carves, some highlights are floating child, magnificent bull, moongate, and the floral clock.

cloud forest at gardens by the bay

Photo by Dhoomil Sheta on Unsplash

5. Cloud Forest

Enjoy the fresh air and misty atmosphere in the Cloud Forest. The domed conservatory will stun you with its lush vegetation, colored-rich flora, and tropical highlands geology. You are likely to forget that you’re actually inside the Gardens by the Bay. The Cloud Forest has several levels, and each offers sights at different peaks. For the most spectacular view, join the Cloud Walk and the Treetop Walk.

6. Far East Organization Children’s Garden

Do your kids get bored with the greenery? No need to worry because in the Far East Organization Children’s Garden, they can enjoy playing water, splashing around, and getting wet. Not only the water play, but there are also tree houses for adventurous kids who love to climb. Your children can also learn as they have watery fun because this Children’s Garden offers interactive plays and educational programs.

We hope you find this article useful as your guide to visit Gardens by the Bay. Get your camera or smartphones and the Garden by the Bay tickets ready, for there will be hundreds of pictures to fill your gallery.

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