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Smart Clothing Storage Ideas

Big items in small spaces. It’s nothing unusual. Many houses have these. You have too much stuff yet have insufficient areas to keep them safe and orderly. Commonly, small bedrooms are cozy in some ways but have such a dilemma, especially when clothes are overloading and bursting from their closets. You cannot really help but have a lot of garments though (and buy more) because you need them.

Nonetheless, you should do something and work on enhancing the quality, cleanliness and organization of your storage spaces. If you do that, you will have a more pleasant, peaceful and presentable room.

Dive deeper into making your not-so-big rooms so convenient and uncluttered with and for your clothes. Check out these 6 smart clothing storage ideas to follow for small bedrooms! Take note, and feel free to share them with your fellow small bedroom owners.

1 – Have built-in cabinets and drawers installed

Small bedrooms cannot afford to have too much furniture standing around and taking up necessary spaces. Thanks to walls that can perform anything you want it to be because you can install built-in cabinets and drawers in them.

Without a question, built-in clothing storage is very efficient and space-saving since it does not anymore consume another area apart from the wall itself. Where the wall is, there goes your built-in closets as well. Naturally, you get that 2-in-1 benefit from your walls.

You can have your clothing storage tailor-made for you by your custom home builders, so you get it as you want it!

2 – Opt for handle-free closets

Forgo the bulky and obstructing knobs and bars that leads to inconvenient navigation in small bedrooms. They could cause a few mishaps when you accidentally bump on them too.

Instead, opt for handle-free closets! There are wardrobes that can be locked and unlocked only through pressing the middle edge portions of their doors. Others also come with integrated handles. They are handles that do not protrude but are rather carved into the doors of the cabinets themselves. Appearing almost unnoticeable, such closets also make for a minimalist interior design for small bedrooms like yours.

3 – Affix hooks at the back of your door

Your bedroom’s door can also function as an extra stretch for storing clothes or clothing accessories. Affix hooks at the back – the area inside your room. There you can hang caps, hats, scarves or jackets and cardigans you use more often than others. Just make sure to keep this hook section organized, so your door will not appear dirty and messy.

4 – Set up a clothing rack

For small bedrooms where you cannot place a bulky cabinet or cannot have a built-in clothing storage installed through the walls, you may consider setting up a standalone clothing rack. Place it somewhere it will not cause trouble moving around the room. This clothing rack allows you to easily and quickly see and grab the clothes you need. It is advantageous also if your available closet is not that big for the amount of garments you own.

5 – Create shelves in irregular and awkward spaces

Some small bedrooms have irregular portions, such as an area wherein the ceiling becomes lower or where the ceiling slants down to the level of the window. Aside from being small, such bedrooms can also be compact. Even so, you can be wise and practical!

Create shelves in those irregular and awkward spaces. Do not let them be put to waste and be merely used by spiders for their webs. Work with your trusted custom home builders to know how you can creatively make those areas useful for a clothing storage zone.

6 – Uninstall the cabinet doors

For small bedrooms, as much as possible, you should eliminate anything that can be eliminated and that won’t make much of an impactful difference once they are taken off. With that, you may choose to uninstall the doors of your clothes cabinets. No need to open and close doors anymore just to take your stuff from them. Nothing will block the small way anymore. You can put your clothes after washing and choose and take them before using, without hassle, from your widely open closets.


Bring out the best in small bedrooms by making clothing storage zones slick and tidy. With the tips mentioned above, you now have better ideas on how to do that. Following them, you are not only boosting the physical appearance of your bedroom but also making it convenient for you to use that room and to get, wear and keep those clothes you own and love!

Just because small bedrooms are small does not mean they should always be hard to organize and prettify. Some people think that they are harder to groom for some reason, but whatever the reason is, you can beat that block! You can definitely make your humble bedroom the best and biggest delight in your house!

Remember that even in small spaces, all sorts of beauty can be stored. Small bedrooms can attest to that!

Nicole Ann Pore

Author Nicole Ann Pore

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