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Distillery tripPlanning a trip to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee? You are in for some fun! From the thrilling Dollywood to the peaceful Old Mill, there is something for everyone. While this town offers a lot to explore with the family, visitors often look for something else — something with a little more kick.

Whether you are a whiskey lover or a rum enthusiast, Pigeon Forge has got you covered. The city is home to several distilleries that offer unique and exciting experiences to tourists. And even if you are not into alcohol consumption, visiting a Pigeon Forge distillery can be quite an insightful adventure.

Here are 6 reasons you should visit a Pigeon Forge distillery on your next trip.

1)    Unique Spirits and Flavors

Distilleries are home to various spirits crafted using local ingredients and traditional techniques. You can explore exclusive spirits produced by the distillery you are visiting.

For example, Junction 35 Spirits offers an incredible range of whiskey, vodka, moonshine, gin, rum, and tequila that you can enjoy by exploring their distillery or having a nice meal at their kitchen and bar. It is one of the best distilleries that truly represent the importance of alcohol in Pigeon Forge culture.

When you visit a Pigeon Forge distillery, the experts at the location will introduce you to the special flavors that are popular among locals and guide you through trending ingredients and flavor profiles.

If you are an alcohol enthusiast, get ready to explore a wide range of tastes, aromas, and textures.

2)    Learn About the Culture

Distilleries use local ingredients when producing spirits. You will learn about that region’s local culture and heritage when you visit a distillery. For example, distilleries in Pigeon Forge produce spirits that incorporate corn in their whiskey.

You can also witness the craftsmanship and techniques that reflect the local community’s historical practices and cultural values. You will have a lot to talk about in local communities thanks to the extensive knowledge about spirits and local spirits.

3)    Support Local Businesses

Locals usually run distilleries. When you purchase bottles directly from the distillery, you support local businesses and their economy. By buying their products, you contribute to the local business’s success.

Supporting local businesses helps create a cohesive and welcoming relationship between tourists and businesses. Moreover, buying directly from the source saves tax money added to alcohol sold in stores and retail chains.

4)    Bonding Experience with Loved Ones

The best way to enjoy the distillery environment is by planning a day out with your friends and loved ones. Visiting a distillery together creates a shared experience to bond and connect better while learning the production process and tasting.

Explore Spirits Together

This activity helps you engage with others, share the experience, and create lasting memories. Sip and sniff some alcohol and take pictures for the ‘gram. Another great thing about distilleries is that you can meet people with shared interests, similar enthusiasm about love, and a fondness for exploring new things.

Dine In and Enjoy

Most distilleries offer group tours and dining experiences you can enjoy with friends. You can even arrange a special event there or celebrate a special moment. Your friends will love the idea of good food and good booze.

5)    Learn About the Distillation Process

The distillation process is quite creative, leaving much room for learning. So, even if you are not into consuming alcohol, the distillation process might be an informative and educational tour for you. From the selection of ingredients to fermentation, aging, and ultimately bottling, the distillation process is intricate and requires a lot of patience.


It is the first step of distillation, in which yeast converts sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide. A carbohydrate source is mixed with yeast and water, which ultimately produces alcohol as a by-product.


It is the process in which alcohol separates from the mixture of water and impurities. A distiller usually knows how and when to boil alcohol and distill it.


Aging is an essential part of the distillation process. It allows the spirit to develop flavor and acquire a complexity that you love to enjoy on your weekend dinners. So, next time when you see a distillery being proud of its aged rum, appreciate their hard work and dedication.

You can experience the entire process on your trip to the distillery. Most distilleries even offer private guided tours with extensive knowledge and visuals to help you understand the hard work behind this art.

6)    Exclusive Gifts

From alcohol bottles to other souvenirs, there are many things you can take back home from a distillery. Some distilleries release limited-edition articles that are only available on-site. Upgrade your alcohol collection by taking a bottle home. You can share it with guests and enjoy it on special occasions.

Family and friends often expect their loved ones to bring something pleasant and memorable from their trip. Instead of buying some common gift items, which anyone can order online, you can choose a unique gift from the distillery.

Common Gifts Found at a Distillery

Here are some popular gift options that can be found in most distilleries:

Spirit Bottles

Distilled spirits are a popular gift that most people take home. From whiskey and gin to rum and vodka, these bottles can be purchased individually or in pre-packed gift sets of smaller boxes.

Merch and Custom Souvenirs

Most distilleries have online merchandise shops from where you can purchase customized articles produced by the business. It can include a wide range of items from glassware and coasters to t-shirts, hats, and even personalized recipe books. Cocktail mixers are also a high-demand product sold by most distilleries.

Gift Vouchers

If you are confused about what to buy, grab a couple of gift cards or visiting tickets. Your loved ones are going to appreciate the free offer and pick something they like.


Distilleries represent the drinking culture of a particular region. They are an entertaining and informative place where you can learn while having a drink or two. When visiting Pigeon Forge, you can check out famous distilleries to learn more about the spirits made in this part of the country.

Visit with your friends and have a nice meal with drinks. While you are at it, don’t forget to take something home for those who equally love spirits. And even if you are not interested in drinking, it can still be an informative tour.

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