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Tiny houses are cheap and require little maintenance. Most people can afford them without a mortgage and thus become debt-free homeowners. Some are even mobile. A house is tiny if it measures between 100 to 400 square feet.

living in a tiny house

It would be best if you planned well to utilize the space maximally. You need to pay special attention and analyze the items you are buying. Assess the size and weight of every item you include in your tiny house. Most of the things you should buy should have qualities like:

  • Foldable
  • Collapsible
  • Tiny
  • Compact
  • Multipurpose

It would help if you went for smaller and easy-to-store alternatives of all items. You have to get creative with your options. Buy things that suit your needs while also keeping in mind that you have limited space. For instance, if you don’t like cooking, do not buy so many kitchen appliances.

1. Hooks

Living in a tiny house means you do not have space for cupboards, wardrobes, and other surfaces. Get yourself strong and sturdy hooks and install them on your walls. You may need them for hanging some kitchen items, pans, clothes, shoes, and other equipment. For your cutlery, you will need to use magnetic knife holder strips instead of drawers.

2. Shelves

Shelves are the go-to option when you have run out of floor space. You will need to incorporate shelves on your walls to make more room for storage. You may ask your movers for the best shelve makers in the neigborhood of check on the online DIY videos to make this perfect.

Such videos and tutorials will give you ideas on where to install the shelves. They also have the ultimate creative solutions that will make your house roomy while maintaining aesthetics.

3. Cookers

It isn’t easy to live without food. You cannot always depend on take-outs and junk. At times you feel the need to eat home-made food. If you love cooking and baking, you need to get a combo cooker. Use propane gas and install a two-burner or four-burner stovetop combined with an oven depending on kitchen size.

If you rarely cook, you don’t need to buy a large oven. A portable induction cooker may be what you need in your tiny home. It is very convenient and easy to store. You may keep it on your shelves or under the counter. You will be creating room for more counter space.

4. Portable Compact Washer and Dryer

If you don’t like going to Laundromats, this is a must-have. You may buy a washer and use drying racks to dry your clothes, but I would recommend a dryer and washer combination.

Since you are minimizing on the space, buying a separate washer and dryer is not advisable. The combo should be portable and small to allow room for storage when not in use.

5. Sleeper Sofas

Sleeper sofas ensure you are comfortable while lounging and while sleeping. A tiny house has a small bedroom, and you cannot afford to have more than one bed in your home. If a friend or relative decides to drop by and spend the night, you need to get a foldable futon or sofa bed for them.

You also have no room for a table and stools. You will have to buy foldable storage ottoman to give you space for storage and lounging. To make up for a bedside table, opt for space-saving bedside caddies. An armchair table may also be a wise buy. This accessory allows you to have room to stack your snacks, remote control, and maybe even a novel.

6. Biological toilets

Bathrooms are a must-have in every home. When living in a tiny house, water and sewer infrastructure is scarce. You cannot, therefore, install flush toilets. You will need a toilet even when on the move. Dry toilets should be a must-have in your tiny house. They may not eliminate the smell, but they’ll handle your waste. They are easy to use and are environmental friendly.

Tiny houses are charming and stylish but don’t have enough room. When moving into a tiny home, you may need to get rid of some stuff or keep them in storage. You may also need some professional advice before moving into a small house.

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