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Travelers like to indulge in the antiquities of nature now and then. From the tranquility of turquoise waters to the chirping sounds of birds, even the little things about nature is intriguing. But, some travel freaks don’t wish to give up on the comfort levels while exploring. Handling mother nature amidst lush green trees and minimal resources can be a daunting task. In case you wish to experience camping with luxurious facilities and needful resources, go for a glamping spree. Glamorous camping is all about enjoying the camping delights without the uncomfortable sleep and compact tents.

Keep reading to know the best glamping destinations boasting the utmost greenery and natural aesthetics in the United States (US).

The Resort At Paws Up, Montana

1. The Resort At Paws Up, Montana

Here’s a glamping resort that offers you a pure and undisturbed flora amidst the forests. The resort at paws up in Montana is prestigious and boasts an impeccable glamping experience. If you wish to embark upon the camping experiences most, then you must consider this destination. The place has safari-style tent facilities and more than 35,000 acres of natural aesthetics. You might also sit by the 100 miles long river and watch the breath-taking sunsets. Along with this, the highlight of the glamping resort is a playground with trails as long as 100 miles.


  • Adventure Activities like horse riding, kayaking, and mountain biking are quite popular here. You can also go fishing in the Blackfoot River and catch some unique Pisces species.
  • Relaxation in the spa tents or the wilderness ground is something you must not miss. It features the sounds of birds, cool breeze, and good vibes.

2. Moose Meadow Lodge, Waterbury

For all the mountain lovers out there, this lodge is the best glamping destination all over the US. Situated amidst more than 80 acres of lush green mountains, Moose Meadow Lodge is likely to allure you. The place offers a full-fledged treehouse with well-equipped tent houses to the guests. What’s even better is that the place is quiet, tranquil and peaceful. This is because the lodge managers allow only 12 guests at a time for glamorous camping. Once you get bored with so much time at your hands, you can enjoy some skrewball whiskey and watch the sunset in the room.


  • Fetch the much-needed adrenaline rush with activities boasting adventure and thrill. You can do skiing, biking, fishing, and antiquing while glamping in this resort.
  • The place offers glamping in the typical Adirondack style and offers luxurious guest rooms.

Safari West, Santa Rosa

3. Safari West, Santa Rosa

Oenophiles who like to explore the antiquities of nature must visit California’s wine city at least once. The place offers a top-notch glamping experience at Safari West in Santa Rosa. It stretches along 400 acres, and the wilderness never disappoints the glamping enthusiasts out there. It also has rich wildlife and contains more than 90 ecstatic fauna in the glamping region. This makes the travelers experience camping like the realistic ones featuring woods and animals. While glamping, you get a well-equipped room, separate bathroom, vintage furniture, king-sized beds, and other essential amenities.


  • Go for the Safari experience filled with unique animals like Rhinos amidst the natural tranquility. Along with this, falling asleep to the sounds of birds is soothing and fulfills your mind.
  • Enjoy the regional delicacies at Savannah cafe and fill your tummy with delicious food.

4. Collective Yellowstone, Big Sky

Glamourous camping is quite popular in Montana and keeps tourism alive. Collective Yellowstone offers the glamping experience filled with natural vibes and top-notch amenities. You experience camping amidst the luxurious facilities and desirable comfort. Also, the resort is famous for its ecstatic sunset view and forest safari. You get to gaze at the bewildering sceneries and spend time in the lap of mother nature. What makes the experience even better is the thoughtful interior decor of the rooms and guest houses.


  • Try booking a few months prior as the bookings are full for almost the year. This is due to the glamping sites packed with natural vibes and a private deck.
  • The chefs are working and you can get the desired dishes any time of the day. Hence, you are less likely to face food-related issues.

5. Ventana Big Sur, California

Here’s a glamping spot loaded with attractive sceneries and ecstatic guest rooms. The resort occupies a space of 160 acres and is home to social spots. What makes the place a must-visit is the private sanctuary residing in the heart of the glamping spot. You get to explore the natural wonders, that too while walking amidst the forests.


  • Safari tents amidst the Big Sur’s forest is the highlight of the glamping experience. Take a walk down the sanctuary and gaze at the stunning animals on your way.
  • Modern amenities like USB ports and rooms equipped with heaters provide the utmost comfort during the glamping.

Conestoga Ranch in the US

6. Conestoga Ranch, Garden City

All the travelers who like to camp by the waterbodies must visit this top-notch glamping resort in Utah. The resort is an 18-acre long ranch filled with luxurious services and natural aesthetics. From the royal tents to the family-oriented homely ones, you can choose the glamping spot according to your needs.


  • Facilities like in-site spa attached equipped bathrooms, and a classic interior vibe makes the experience worthwhile.
  • The place also has Conestoga wagons, wildlife diversity, and versatile tents for every kind of traveler.

If you’re looking for a comfortable yet fulfilling glamping experience, then look no more. Glamorous camping in the US offers versatile amenities and natural delights. You can enjoy adventurous activities and go for wildlife safari at the same resort. From the Conestoga Ranch to Ventana in Big Sur, every resort in the US is well-equipped and picturesque. Make sure to prebook the glamping spot and embark upon the journey with full enthusiasm. Along with this, look out for the resort with many room options and activities to try in the proximity.

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