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Everyone has their own image of an “ideal lover”, who fulfils all the conditions they want in a perfect partner. Unfortunately, the truth is that no one is perfect; but as long as you are in love, you will tend to overlook it and he/she will seem like the perfect one to you! You may be deeply in love with someone, but how sure are you that your partner is worth spending the rest of your life with? Are you really compatible? Here are some qualities you should consider and look out for in your partner to have an idea of how far your relationship can go.

1. No arguments left overnight

When two people get together, there are definitely times when your values, expectations and opinions are different, and sometimes these differences can lead to an argument. The important thing is, how do the two of you handle your differences and arguments? Do you have a cold war with each other that lasts for a long time? Or will you give each other space to cool down before sitting down to talk about it?

How you handle fights is actually one of the biggest factors in determining the strength of your relationship. We know sometimes things can get ugly especially if your partner is one who loves to put things up on social media or gets agitated and starts shouting vulgarities. Make it a healthy one by sitting down to talk things out with each other and make up with a hug and kiss!

Your partner listens to you

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2. Your partner listens to you

Are you listening to each other? Or is one yakking away while the other is just keeping quiet and getting lost in his/her own thoughts? There are so many small things in life which you may want to complain about but your partner feels they are not worth paying attention to.

If that is not the case for you, congratulations! While your partner may not always be able to give you the best advice, be reminded that he/she is being there for you by giving you a listening ear and you should appreciate that.

3. You are given personal space and me-time

When you are in a relationship, it is natural that you expect yourself to be the priority in each other’s lives, but bear in mind that you still need to respect your partner’s personal space and that he/she still has to have a social life and career.

Some people may find to need to have personal space more than others, so observe and talk to each other to give them the adequate amount of time and space they need.

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4. Accepts your flaws and helps to make you a better person

No, we do not think all bad habits should be tolerated unconditionally by your partner. What we mean is that your partner should not make you self-conscious with things like your appearance and put you down in a way that makes you uncomfortable. A good partner will talk to you and explain why there is a need to change, how it can make you a better person and encourage you along the way. It shows that they truly care about your well-being as well as your emotions. Check out the digital publication John Doe website for more guides on Love and Mental Health.

5. You faces your problems together

We all have good days and bad days. When it comes to problem-solving, you need to observe your partner’s attitude. Does your partner leave you to fix them yourself? Is he/she being responsible and doing his/her part? In a relationship, it is inevitable that there will be endless problems waiting for you in time to come. If you are unable to face them together, your relationship path will be a rough one.

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6. Knows how to handle his/her own emotions

It is important to know your partner’s temper. When your partner is feeling under the weather, does he/she take it out on you? Some people are unable to control their emotions and may bring harm upon others when it gets to a certain point. A mature partner should understand that their negative emotions should not be an excuse to inflict harm upon you, be it mental or physical.

We hope the above content gives you an insight of how a healthy relationship should be maintained, and take them into consideration should you be thinking of marriage.

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