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When choosing the right destination for a luxurious holiday for you and your loved ones, you can get a bit side-tracked by the various options recommended online. We have chosen some of the best picks you simply must experience for yourself.

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Asia: Bali

Known as the “Island of the Gods” Bali truly is a destination worth seeing. Bursting with luxurious hotels and spas, there is no better way to detach from the stress of daily life than in Balinese wellness temples. After experiencing the rich nightlife and partying like a VIP, pamper your senses in one of Bali’s numerous world-renowned luxury spas, offering an arrangement of holistic treatments that soothe the body and soul.

And do not forget the natural beauty of the landscape that will leave you breathless, from rice fields, black sand beaches, waterfalls, to villages and temples. By the way, serious foodies will never go hungry in Bali’s award-winning restaurants, and the province is full of them.

Africa: Seychelles

If you are looking for a true luxurious getaway, you might want to consider this small island nation, situated in the Indian ocean. Just northeast of Madagascar you will find the boulder dotted beaches of 115 different coral and granite islands that make up the Seychelles. Most of them have UNESCO-listed nature reserves and protected wildlife. The great thing about it is that it’s not as swarmed with tourists as some other destinations, and the turquoise water and white sand beaches will not disappoint you.

Cruise the islands on a yacht for the ultimate-luxury experience, and enjoy everything the Azura cruise ship has to offer – In addition to all-inclusive Michelin-level dining, guests can kayak, snorkel, paddle board, jet ski and dive down on the yacht’s personal submarine. Swim with sea turtles, explore mangroves, and dense forests, all that with five-star service wherever you go. A true nature-lovers’ paradise.

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Mediterranean: Boka Bay in Montenegro

Apart from the more well-known luxury destinations in the Mediterranean, such as Italy, Croatia, or Greece, a small mountainous country has recently emerged as the top vacation choice for the rich and powerful – the scenic, yet ruggedly beautiful country of Montenegro. Most people have not heard of this charming Adriatic country, especially of its fjord-like Boka Bay (Bay of Kotor). Boka Bay is slowly becoming the ultimate superyacht sanctuary, as you can safely berth your yacht in the reliable marina, and enjoy the many attractions Montenegro has to offer.

Porto Montenegro also houses a 5-star Regent hotel, and many fine-dining establishments are dotted along the coast, where you can enjoy authentic dishes and fresh seafood. Porto Montenegro’s unique waterfront retail village houses a number of luxury boutiques designed to create a unique shopping experience. We also recommend exploring many of Montenegro’s historical and natural sites, you will enjoy it.

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Middle East: Dubai

There truly is no place like Dubai when it comes to luxury travel destinations. The perfect place for those who enjoy glamorous urban getaways and shopping adventures. But Dubai has more to offer than skyscrapers, malls, and beaches, it is also the home of the best hotels in the world. Take the Burj al Arab for example, which is the world’s first six-star hotel. Visit the Burj Khalifa and enjoy high tea in the world’s tallest building and oversee the whole city. Expect lavish hotel rooms, upmarket dining and glittering shopping malls. After all, much of the city was built within the last 50 years, so everything feels hip and trendy. Perfect for shopping sprees and romantic weekends.

Europe: The Swiss Alps

If you are more for luxury mountain tourism, there is no place like St. Moritz in Switzerland. This retreat is specially tailored to cater to the upper class. With its Michelin star restaurants and chic bars, you will not be in want of quality wine & dine experiences. This popular tourist destination normally attracts skiers, snowboarders, and other winter sports enthusiasts, but there’s much more to do if winter sports aren’t your thing. St. Moritz gets 320 days of sunshine a year, and the scenery is stunning, so feel free to visit it in the summer as well.

Oceania: Fiji

Fiji truly is a unique luxury experience. With its 333 islands, white sand beaches and year-round tropical warmth, you will undoubtedly have plenty of opportunities to fully experience everything this dream destination has to offer. Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway or an adventure-packed holiday, or you simply want to relax by the beach, you will find it all.

From surfing, scuba-diving, exploring untouched coasts and the underwater wildlife they offer, to relaxing by the pool in Fiji’s numerous exclusive resorts and chilling at beach clubs, these are just some of the perks when travelling to this little piece of Eden.

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Nothing compares to a crystal-clear sky, turquoise sea and white beach to help you forget the troubles of every-day life, except enjoying a beautiful snowy mountain view while drinking wine and eating caviar. With our top destinations for your next holiday, you have the freedom to choose what luxurious getaway fits you best.

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