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stay fit while travelling

There’s so much joy in traveling and this is why you should do it as often as you can. However, no mater how fun and fulfilling traveling can be, it’s sometimes difficult to stick to your diet or workout regimen when you’re away from home, which can reflect on your fitness. Fortunately, there is a whole range of effective ways to stay fit even when you’re on vacation. Here are some of them.

Use Your Feet

1. Use Your Feet

When you think about it, travelling is all about immersing yourself in exploring a new place to the best of your ability. Of course, the best way to do this is to walk the streets there, as that way you’ll see much more than you would from the window of a car or a bus. Perhaps you want to walk the less frequented lanes, looking for restaurants or bars that the locals frequent, you simply want to soak in one of the regular neighborhoods by taking a stroll through some of the streets there, or you want to see the most popular tourist destinations and sights. It’s up to you. You can even go for an early-morning run, so that you get to move through the place with fewer people around. As long as you do it on foot, you’ll get plenty of physical activity and fresh air, which will surely cater to your fitness needs.

Cycle More

2. Cycle More

Many cities around the world are doing their best to be more bike-friendly by adding some more length to their cycling lanes each year and improving the safety of cyclers. So, why not take advantage of that, rent a bike and move around on two wheels. It’s faster than walking, so that you can cover more ground in one day or even leave the city to see some of the noteworthy nearby sights. If something is several kilometers away, walking there and back may be problematic, but cycling will do the trick and leave you with plenty of time to rest and have a meal. Plus, if there are some beautiful country roads with lots of greenery in the proximity of the town or city where you’re staying, you can stay fit by riding your bike there and enjoying the scenery.

Mind Your Diet

3. Mind Your Diet

Buffets in hotel restaurants and tasty junk food from street vendors can be extremely appealing when you’re somewhere new, but this is something that you should avoid or at least limit. Yes, you’re on vacation and you should relax, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you should overindulge yourself in unhealthy food. Instead of reaching for the first mouth-watering thing you can get your hands on, try finding some alternative food options. The internet is your friend here, as you can easily locate various restaurants that serve healthy food and have good customer reviews. In addition, if they have some local specialties on their menu, you’ll even get to try some new food. Furthermore, if your accommodation is equipped with a kitchen or at least a kitchenette, maybe you can make use of that and prepare some fast and nutritious meals from scratch.

Vitamin C

4. Don’t Forget Your Vitamins

Fresh fruit and vegetables provide you with plenty of vitamins and minerals your body needs to function properly. This is why you should try to eat as much of fruit and vegetables as you can, even when you’re out of town. This can be a bit tricky, as the change in pace and the lack of your standard routine can cause you to skip these beneficial snacks and lower your vitamin intake. Being that this is something you can expect, there’s always the option of relying on supplements. In order the stay fit, aside from the most common vitamins and minerals, perhaps you should try some quality natural turkesterone supplement, as it might promote muscle building and increase in strength, while preventing muscle breakdown. This type of supplementation can help you maintain your current fitness level and make any physical activity you engage in while travelling easier and more effective.


5. Hydrate Continuously

Wherever you go, you’ll see tourists, but locals as well, pacing around with bottles of water in their hands. This is something you should do as well, especially if you’re on a vacation at a humid destination with temperatures through the roof. In addition, you’ll want to see as much of the new place as humanly possible, which means plenty of movement. Your usual eight glasses of water are still mandatory, but they might not cut it in this new situation, and you might be inclined to add another three or four glasses to that. Carrying a big bottle of plain water and taking a few sips every couple of minutes will keep you hydrated and help preserve your well-being, but it will also clench your thirst, so that you’re not tempted when you see fridges loaded with sodas and other sugary drinks. Plus, it will contribute to your appetite management, having you grab fewer snacks between meals.

Party Moderately

6. Party Moderately

Vacations are meant to be enjoyable, and if your idea of fun is spending your evenings and nights at bars or in clubs, then it’s what you should do. Just keep in mind that this can affect your fitness if you overdo it. First of all, if you stay up until morning for several days in a row, the sleep deprivation can slow down your metabolism and make it nearly impossible for your muscles to recover from any stress of your day-to-day physical activity. Another issue is alcohol, as excessive drinking can undo much of the effort you put into staying fit while at home. Avoid drinking too much of it, especially when mixed with sugary sodas. Some wine or a light beer might be a good choice for a night out, but if you really crave a cocktail, get a Martini, a Negroni or a Bloody Mary, as those don’t contain as much calories as most other cocktails. Whatever you order, drink a sip at a time and don’t forget to take some water between drinks, to stay hydrated and slow down the alcohol absorption.

It’s not that complicated to stay fit when you’re on the road. It just takes a bit of strong will and some thought to make it work. However, don’t forget that you should revel in your trip, so do what you can to stay fit, but don’t it the sole focus of your vacation. You deserve your time off and you should make the best of it in every possible way.

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