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It’s no surprise that people love luxury hotels. The global luxury hotel market size is expected to reach USD 115.80 billion by 2025. It’s so wonderful that sometimes people might want to take it home. This is entirely achievable and, to some extent, a reasonable goal like what they did at apartments for rent in santa ana ca. Have you ever stayed in a hotel, and there is a delightful scent lingering the whole time? Hotel designers know that great ambiance, a good vibe, and specific design elements within the room will give clients a wonderful experience.

This is what you should try to recreate in your house—the vibe and great ambiance you’re sure to experience in a luxury hotel. Here are a couple of tips you can try to make your home feel like that luxurious hotel room.

1. Give Your Bedroom A Luxurious Touch

To get to the luxury level experienced in great hotel rooms, you need to do their simple actions. One of them is changing your linens occasionally. The sheets in hotel rooms are often clean, fresh, and crisp since they are changed daily.

A sheet makeover will go a long way in creating your little hotel paradise. Pure linen sheets are also the best option because they are softer and get even smoother after laundering. Just like the feeling you get in a luxurious hotel—relaxed, clean and fresh, good quality sheets will offer the same.

Bedroom with a Luxurious Touch

Your bedroom floors and walls also need love and attention. Cleaning your carpet and the hotel rooms requires you to get professional services. Companies like Woodard Cleaning and Restoration will handle your furniture and upholstery, carpets, and rugs with a professional touch.

You should also consider getting the massive, fluffy pillows and thick, soft duvets typical with hotel rooms. These are simple and cheap upgrades that will give you the refined touch of a hotel room you desire.

2. Get A Signature Scent

All great hotels have a signature scent, and you can bank on that. To get your home to hotel status, you also need to have one. Flowers are great and all, but their scent is slightly not as strong. Instead, try other options like fresh eucalyptus or lavender.

You will immediately notice the difference in freshness in your home. A scented candle is also a great inexpensive option. You can also get some fragrant essential oils, mix them with some water and use a spray bottle to get your house smelling spectacular. An occasional spritz of this concoction on your linens and curtains will leave a wonderful scent.

3. Elevate Your Bathroom to A Sanctuary

The bathrooms in hotels could best be described as tiny slices of heaven reimagined on earth. This is the next area you need to work on. A hotel bathroom is peaceful, quaint, and somewhat of a sanctuary. It is something you need to achieve with your home bathroom.

Sanctuary bathroom

If you find it hard to relax and unwind after a long day, your home bathroom is yet to be an escape away from reality. Simple renovations will get it where you need to be in terms of bathroom luxury. To improve on your bathroom, you could:

  • Get a neutral color on your walls.
  • Clean your bathroom regularly.
  • Get a stylish rack to organize your cleaning products.
  • Fold your towels correctly and ensure they match.
  • Choose bathroom accessories that complement each other.

4. A Plush Robe Is A Step A Way from Luxury

No luxury hotel experience is complete without a plush white robe. A fluffy, white robe on your skin provides a soft touch. More than often, most of your stay in the hotel room will be in these long luscious robes. They get you in the zone.

Just like your linen sheets, a great robe will get softer and softer with each wash. And like those fancy hotels, no robe is complete without a pair of matching fluffy slippers. Having these items in your house will have you feeling all pampered and relaxed.

living a luxury life

A great robe should have a neutral color. If your budget allows, you can get your initials sewn on, hence improving the personal experience. If the weave is waffle-like, the better. It looks both luxurious and is practical. The grooves absorb water much faster, like a sponge. The benefits of having a bathrobe just show how much you should get one.

5. Get Some Art on Your Walls

Beautiful art doesn’t have to cost a king’s ransom, although the global art markets’ value stands at $64.12 billion. Thousands of artists offer their pieces for a few hundred dollars, and even better, you can land a once-in-lifetime piece below the $100 mark. Art is typical in fancy hotels. You’ll rarely see a wall, regardless of where you turn, without a piece of artwork. It’s somehow synonymous with luxury hotels, especially bespoke pieces that hold some meaning to the hotel.

Art also consists of antique books on a rustic shelf and not just paintings. Some hotel rooms may have a small book collection of relevant titles.


Following these tips will have your spacing looking different and elevated to luxury hotel status. These tips may look simple, but they sure will get the job done. You just have to have to think outside the box and get the extraordinarily looking home of your dreams.

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