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An important part of packing for a vacation is researching the place you’re going to be visiting as much as possible. Sadly, one of the last items on our to-do lists is our clothing. The fact that you’re miles away from your wardrobe shouldn’t compromise your fashion sense. Dressing up a little may enhance your travelling experience. You will look more fondly at your touristy photos and you’ll feel more confident in a foreign place.

How to Pack Light For Travel

Also, when vacationing, you never know who you’ll meet. It may be a new best friend or even a prospective love interest. If you’re mindful about your clothes, you don’t have to worry about making a great first impression. Aside from that, as a tourist, you risk being stared at by the locals so you may as well look your best.

Of course, dressing stylishly does not necessitate a tuxedo or a gown. You just need to add a couple of things to your suitcase that are both fashionable and comfy. Packing light doesn’t have to put your fashion into question, so read on to find out how to be stylish and not overpack.

Pack versatile items

Every item of clothing you bring with you should have more than one function. As you pack, keep in mind that each piece should be worn several times before being put into a laundry bag. Shoes that match every outfit are essential. Be careful not to pack things that can only be worn for one specific occasion. When packing dresses, for example, ideally opt for those that can be worn both during the day and night.

Also, a simple outfit such as a white t-shirt and blue jeans is great for sightseeing during the day and exploring the local bars at night. Overcoats you pack should also be multi-purpose. Denim and leather jackets are great for traveling since they’re both stylish and functional. Pairing them with dresses will instantly make you a tourist fashionista.

Roll your clothing

Roll your clothing

When you pack, make sure not to fold your clothes. This may seem like a weird tip, but hear us out. When you fold your items, they take up too much unnecessary space. To maximise your suitcase space and take as many clothing options as possible, roll your items instead. There’s also another benefit to rolling your clothing. This practice minimizes wrinkling, which is fantastic since you don’t have to pack your iron too. This is an especially great tip if you travel only with your hand luggage!

Don’t forget the accessories

If you want to be as stylish as possible for your next holiday, you have to think about packing some of your favorite accessories. Accessories don’t take up much suitcase space but they can make your outfits go from boring to extremely fashionable. Sustainable jewelry pieces such as beautiful earrings and subtle necklaces should be a trusted companion on your vacation. They can elevate the simplest of outfits. Hats, such as beanies and wide-brimmed hats, are also great for traveling and can make you look like a fashion blogger in no time.

travel in repeating outfits

Repeating outfits shouldn’t worry you

When you’re short on suitcase space, repeating your outfits should not be something you beat yourself over. You will probably meet new people every day who won’t know that you’ve worn the same thing two days ago. If you’re extremely concerned about wearing the outfit twice, maybe you’d be more flexible with just wearing one aspect of your outfit multiple times.

For example, keep the same jeans but switch out the T-shirt or maybe add a plaid shirt on top. Make it more fun by incorporating some of your favorite accessories. The outfit pieces may be the same but switching up your shoes or accessories can make the outfit look completely different.

Don’t pack clothing “just in case”

The vast majority of people are guilty of this. When we pack, we constantly think of the situations which may occur and pack according to that. I have to pack my heels – what if a handsome local asks me out for a drink? Don’t pack them! If you find you lack a piece for a special occasion which is sprung on you unexpectedly, you can just go out and buy the thing you need. If you theorize about what may happen and pack with that in mind, not even your entire wardrobe will suffice.

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When traveling, we commonly compromise our fashion sense because of the lack of suitcase space. If you pack mindfully, you’ll be a holiday fashionista even if you only have a carry-on suitcase. Smartly rolling your clothes, incorporating fun accessories into your outfits, and making sure the pieces you bring are versatile will all take your vacation fashion game to the next level.

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