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They say that if you want to know if your partner is really the one for you, travel with him or her. During this time you get to know each other more and see the best and worst of each other. You will see how our partner responds to changes in a foreign place and handle certain situations. Travelling with your partner is something important because it can strengthen your relationship in so many ways. Here are some places you should definitely visit with your special one and create amazing memories together.



1. Santorini, Greece

This place is already a popular one among couples as many flock there to have their wedding photos taken. The architecture of Santorini and the scenery surrounding it makes it picture-perfect. It is also one of the top choices for a honeymoon. One of the most romantic things to do in Santorini is to watch its amazing sunrises and sunsets together. You’ll realise that the world is so beautiful and what’s even better is that you have someone you love to witness it with you.

Paris France

2. Paris, France

Known as the City of Love, is an ideal city with lots of activities that couples can do together. Enjoy a wonderful view of the city from its iconic Eiffel Tower during day time, and watch the tower sparkle with 20,000 lights at night. Make sure to take a romantic boat ride to the Temple of Love, where it is said that you can strengthen your bond of love by kissing each other in the middle of the temple.


3. Kyoto, Japan

This cultural city with a rich history is also a beautiful place with lots of amazing scenery. Take a romantic stroll in the Kyoto Botanical Gardens and Arashimaya Bamboo Grove. The natural surroundings boast an impressive and colourful landscape especially during autumn. Relax together in their hot springs and pray for everlasting love at the shrines.


4. Iceland

This one is definitely on top of everyone’s bucket list, and possibly for the same reason – the Northern Lights! While it really depends on your luck if you get to see it or not, there are also other attractions worth checking out such as the Blue Lagoon and the Gullfoss Waterfall. Transportation and weather in Iceland can be testing due to the extreme temperatures, but be patient and make sure to keep each other really warm during your stay!

Bibury in England

5. Bibury, England

You may not have heard of this place before but it is known as the most beautiful village in England. Walking along the cottages of Bibury will make you feel like you have stepped into a fairy-tale world. There may not be lots to do in this small village in the Cotswolds, but its beauty will make your visit no less memorable than the big cities. A tour in Bibury should take no more than just a couple of hours so be sure to include it in your itinerary when you visit England!

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