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Asian cuisine uses a large variety of vegetables, proteins, meat, and spices that contribute to the dishes’ flavor. Each dish is packed with flavor, spice, and a variety of textures! With the many ingredients thrown in the pot, you’ll be shocked to know that most of the dishes served are much healthier than what you typically eat in the United States.


If you’re thinking of traveling to Asian countries and trying out different cuisines, you’ll notice how several of these Asian foods have the best combination of spicy, salty, and sweet flavors. You can experience the best dishes on your visit by visiting the following must-visit restaurants in Asia.

Den (Tokyo)

If you’re traveling to Japan, check out Den at the heart of Japan. In 2007, chef Zaiyu Hasegawa opened this restaurant and had been a firm favorite of many. In 2013, it also got the “The Best Restaurant in Asia” title sponsored by S. Pellegrino and Acqua Panna.

If you’re a food enthusiast with a background in Japanese cuisine, you probably already know that Japanese food is excellent, and most taste buds can easily adapt to it. What makes Den so unique? Zaiyu Hasegawa took an innovative turn in his homeland’s cuisine, making it a satisfying customer experience! The restaurant’s ambiance is also incredibly welcoming and relaxed.

The food is based on the kaiseki framework, Japan’s hyper-seasonal dining tradition. The service you’ll get in this restaurant is like no other; whether you’re a local regular or a first-time visitor, you’ll be treated with the same warmth.

Den is located in Shibuya City; you can get to the restaurant by booking a discounted ticket at Next Vacay and using the train once you’ve reached Japan; you may also utilize the taxis there.

Sorn (Bangkok)

Sorn is located in Bangkok, Thailand, another country full of great restaurants, decadent cuisine, and culture. It’s one of the top restaurants in Asia; however, many have said it’s difficult to book a reservation here. But the food and service made this restaurant famous in the first place, and why many are trying to get in.

The patron chef in Sorn is Supaksorn ‘Ice’ Jongsiri, and he took inspiration from his grandmother’s southern cooking. It’s why the chef cooks southern Thai dishes and creates and transforms one-of-a-kind innovative dishes in the restaurant. You can genuinely see the memories and his personal touch in each dish.

If you want to eat some mind-being and flavor-explosive dishes on your next trip to Thailand, be sure to book a reservation in Sorn on your first day to get a spot before you leave the country (or city).

To give you an image of what you’re going to experience in the restaurant, you should know that every dish here is served at a temperature sensitive. It’s something that the patron chef puts careful thought into, so don’t take too long photographing them! This well-thought-of time and temperature sensitivity experience enable customers to experience a gustatory sequence that fully encapsulates the taste of southern cuisine.

The Chairman (Hong Kong)

The food at The Chairman serves not your ordinary Cantonese dishes. The chefs here carefully choose their ingredients, create unique concepts, and serve new and innovative Cantonese dishes.

This restaurant is at the heart of Hong Kong, specifically in The Wellington tower. If you’re ever in the country, visit their new venue since they’ve recently relocated but with the same skilled chefs and team.

Florilège (Tokyo)

Do you like seeing your chef cook in front of you? Then, you may want to visit another restaurant in Tokyo, Florilège. The chefs, Hiroyasu Kawate and his crew, cook in a large open kitchen, and their customers would sit in plush corner seating. You can get a new, face-to-face experience with guests throughout the meal.

Like in The Chairman, the team in this Tokyo-based restaurant focuses on the ingredients. Kawate ensures that the ingredients he uses in every course are based on what’s good each season.

Mingles (Seoul)

Mingles opened in April 2014 in the largest metropolis of South Korea, Seoul. The restaurant has impressed local and international customers and food critics due to its refined Korean dishes with a dash of inspiration from Europe and Hong Kong.

You can eat local ingredients and side dishes here in a beautiful and calming space, from bellflower root to acorn jelly to kimchi. The restaurant also serves seasonally driven meals with a 10-course tasting menu. The dishes typically use vegetables and use local fish.


With a diverse culture and style, each Asian country and city has its own unique specialties. Get well-rounded entries by visiting the must-visit restaurants mentioned above and experience each country’s culture and cuisine. Also, eating at street corners and other local restaurants is an excellent way to experience the countries’ culture, but these are the best in their countries.

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