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Thanks to technology and its products, different people from different parts of the globe can connect with each other anytime. Gadgets, namely cell phones, tablets, laptops and personal computers, are used to text, call and chat with people. Not only that because the existence of social media is what gives these devices an even more meaningful and useful purpose. Combining the powers of electronic gadgets and the ever-influential social media, communication and connection can be achieved more easily. Impressive, for real!

However, just like anything, too much of these won’t be good. Overusing gadgets and overstaying online are unhealthy. They can harm your physical, emotional and mental well-being, and you will never like the effects once you experience suffering them. Note that not only those but also your social health can be altered negatively. It’s called “social media”, yet it can hamper social relationships if improperly used.

Believe it or not, some relationships get wrecked and come to an end because of things related to phones and online accounts. There may be people who might see these roots as “petty”, but they are not. They can be more serious than you think.

Know more from the list below that explains 5 ways gadgets and social media can ruin romantic relationships.

1 – Gadgets can make you alone together.

relationship goal

Admit it or not, even when you and your partner are sitting side by side, you feel miles apart whenever you are on each of your phones. That’s because gadgets can make you alone together. Yes, they can if you let them.

You are on a date or probably just resting in the living room of your house. The room is silent because you are on your individual leisure using your phones. It’s supposed to be a nice and relaxing moment to bond and catch up, however, if you choose to check your social media instead of speaking with each other, it’s worse than being away from each other.

Such instances rob you of the chance to spend your precious time together productively. Whenever you are busy with work and other life’s responsibilities, you’re hoping you could eat out or go on a romantic trip, yet when you have free time together, gadgets and social media become your priority. It’s not healthy.

2 – Seeking validation from people online

You can consider this as a toxic trait of some people in a romantic relationship – seeking validation from people online.

While there are couples that choose to be lowkey and private most of the time, there are couples that like publicizing everything they do and are up to. If not both parties, only one could be like the latter, and this can be where a problem might exist.

Say, you are a woman and your boyfriend or husband complains all the time about you not posting him on your social media account. If you don’t agree with seeking validation from people online, you will feel uncomfortable and probably mad about it. You’re on the right side though, yet this can cause disagreements and quarrels rooting from other various reasons. This is the same for you men with girlfriends or wives that are too attached to the world of social media.

3 – Lack of listening

Here’s a very common problem that brings cracks to romantic relationships. When one is overly focused on his/her cell phone or video game, that he/she fails to pay attention to his/her significant other, you know things won’t go well once the “ignored” person gets upset. Most of the time, there are no earphones involved. It’s just complete concentration on gadgets and social media. Here, lack of listening, which contributes to unhealthy communication, becomes a terrible issue.

4 – Unrealistic expectations because of social media

In social media, people mostly post only the good, the better and the best things about themselves. Only the most loveable experiences and occasions are highlighted. Some use social media as an avenue to show their lives’ beauty, and that’s totally fine because online profiles can be considered personal blogs.

However, some people get affected in a negative way, which is not even intended by those who post or share their statuses, updates and photos. Some people in romantic relationships develop unrealistic expectations because of what they see on social media. Instead of getting inspired, they become jealous.

An example would be a girlfriend wanting her boyfriend to give her extravagant gifts like others do, when she herself knows that her partner cannot afford that yet. Again, this is another toxic trait.

5 – Overthinking and becoming unnecessarily suspicious


Usage of gadgets and social media is also perceived wrongly by some people in romantic relationships. Whenever their partners stay online or are on their phones, they overthink and become unnecessarily suspicious. They don’t like it when their partners react or comment on their very own friends’ posts. Even with family-like comrades, they think suspiciously. That is even when there’s no concrete basis to do so. This could be caused by the relationship stories and experiences of people, which they often read online. If not, they’re really just being controlling.


Gadgets and social media are both created and designed for the advantageous use of people. In terms of communication, information and entertainment, they are the major instruments to grab. Anyone can agree that they have become necessities in this day and age, and not just simple wants anymore.

But everyone must always keep in mind to use gadgets and social media responsibly because just like anything, even though they are meant for good, once they are used thoughtlessly, they can result in something bad.

If you experience any relationship abuse or offense with regard to gadgets and social media, don’t hesitate to ask for legal help, and excellent lawyers will be there to aid you. If you are struggling with gadgets and social media addiction that destroys your romantic relationship, seek psychological assistance and counselling.

Keep your romantic relationships free and safe from damage caused by wrong use of technology and by wrong perspectives towards its components. Be an accountable gadget and social media user. At the same time, be an accountable person in your romantic commitment.

Nicole Ann Pore

Author Nicole Ann Pore

Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. She finds quality and well-researched writing as a worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. For her, it’s restoring and fulfilling to the heart and a great way to clear the mind while loading it up with fresh learning. Film critiquing and filmmaking are among her interests too. Giving all the glory to God, Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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