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If you have one of those jobs that require you to travel too often for your taste, you might end up dreading your next business trip. It can be beyond difficult when you’re spending too much time away from home, trying to survive the rush hour while finding your way through cities you’ve never been to before and knowing that, yet again, you won’t be able to sleep in your own bed and have dinner at your own table.

However, there are ways for you to turn any business trip into something much more pleasant. Here is some excellent advice on how to make your upcoming business trip feel like the long-overdue vacation you’ve been longing for.

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Be Prepared

It seems that our lives have become too fast-paced to enjoy and we tend to find ourselves in situations where we do everything at the last moment. Don’t let this happen to you, as it’s a path leading down to nothing but unnecessary stress. Luckily, you can avoid it without too much effort. For one, book your flight and hotel in advance, as well as the transport from and back to the airport. Inquire about any safety measures in place where you’re going, depending on whether you’re traveling during or after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Next, sort out your papers and learn everything you have to for your meetings before you leave home, which will allow you to sleep or read on the plane. If you’re renting a car, find out where you can park that’s close to the location of your meetings or seminars, so that you don’t have to worry about being late. Finally, pack wisely for any situation, with clothes for formal situations and for walking around.

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Do as Locals Do

There’s something tremendously appealing in taking a peek at somebody else’s way of life and another nation’s customs. This is an ideal way for you to shift your attention from the business part of your trip to the joy of immersing yourself into a new culture, if only for a little while. For instance, if your business travel leads you to one of the thriving urban metropolises in East Asia, do it by finding the best studio rental Hong Kong can offer you, so that you can see how regular people live there. By paying the all-inclusive rent in these apartments, you get more than just the utilities paid. You can also count on a high-strength wireless network, getting clean linens and towels weekly, access to the communal spaces and many other amenities, all of which meet the needs of the new generation of businesspeople.

Not only will you pay less there than you’d pay in a hotel, but you’re likely to have more space and you can also take the opportunity to order some local food to your address. Chat with the locals at the neighborhood café, over a breakfast croissant in Paris or check out the Mauritian farmers’ markets, as they are bound to offer a bounty of fresh locally-grown fruit and vegetables you can’t find back home.

Pamper Yourself

Although you can’t avoid your business obligations during these trips and you’re well aware of why you’re actually there, there’s no reason you can use the time between or after your meetings to indulge yourself a bit. After all, you’re in a new place, you don’t have to clean or cook and there are no kids you have to drive to school.

Find a good masseur nearby, get a pedicure or a quality hair treatment, followed by a trendy cocktail or a delicious dinner in a restaurant with the view of the river, the ocean or the entire city. If you’re worried about the cost of these things, you can always opt for budget-friendly accommodation and save some money for the things that will make you happier than a fancy hotel.

Pamper Yourself during business trip

Discover New Destinations

Some companies send the same people to the same locations over and over again. It’s practical. You’ve already been there and you’ve met the people you’re doing business with, meaning that you’ll know your way around and you’ll know how to do things efficiently and get the expected good results.
However, your company wants you happy, as happy employees will put more effort and verve into doing business for them. This opens an incredible window of opportunity for you. Talk to your superiors and ask if they can switch things up a bit, so that you can be sent to a new and exceptional place next time. You’ll do the work anyway, but you’ll also recharge, which they can benefit from as much as you.

Stay an Extra Day

Some of the countries and cities you get to visit are beautiful and interesting with sights you’d love to see, but you’re always on the clock, too occupied with your work to get a proper tour of the place. So, next time you go on a business trip, see if you can stay for another day after you’re done with all of the meetings. That way you can actually get some vacation time. And why not? You’re already there, you’ve done all that you were supposed to do and unwinding for a while can only increase your productivity and creativity for when you get back home and back to work. It’s a win-win situation for you and your company, so make the best of it.

There’s no reason for you not to have an amazing time on your business trip. All you have to do is take the precious advice so graciously given to you in this article, go out and fully appreciate the new places you get to see and experience.

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