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Going on holidays is usually a topic of excitement and joy. It is not uncommon for parents to get stressed over the idea of taking their kids to a place with which they are not totally familiar and they do not have complete control of their surroundings. Not to mention that they have to make sure that they can keep their kids thrilled because if they get bored, they will become petulant and disrespectful – mostly to the people around.

Although all the above are valid thoughts and fears, you should not let them stop you from going on family holidays and spending quality time all together. Below you will find several fun ideas that will help your family bond and have the time of your lives.

1. Create your own herbarium

Do not let winter stop you from helping your kids – or even your adult selves – connect with nature. You can buy a special book where you can store leaves from trees and flowers. This is an excellent hobby for young children as they appreciate nature and they learn about plants. This is a great excuse to encourage your kids to get out of the house or their hotel room and stroll around parks, hills and mountains. You can keep up this hobby all year round as there are winter trees and flowers.

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2. Skiing

The best winter sport that people of all ages love is skiing. If you do not know how to ski, it might seem terrifying but it is all about practice. It is a great hobby for kids to take up as not only do they learn how to coordinate their body and to feel confident in its abilities but also, once again, it is a fun way to go outside and admire the majestic natural landscapes. The ultimate way to implement this idea is by visiting a ski resort nearby or in a foreign country. You should plan your holidays and book ski passes on Erna Low in advance if you want to ensure that this family holiday is not going to cost you a fortune.

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3. Photography

Winter is the perfect time to capture how dramatically impressive and beautiful nature can be. Especially on snowy days, it is a shame not to go out in order to try out landscape photography and play with the snow. You don’t have to buy expensive equipment. For beginners, the camera of your smartphones is enough to spark the passion for photography. If your kids seem enamoured with this hobby, you can then invest in a good camera.

4. Fly a kite

Flying a kite is a great group activity for a family as you learn how to collaborate. You start by deciding which kite to buy and then how to make it stay in the air for longer. Parents should make sure that the weather is appropriate for this type of activity. If there is rain or snow on the ground, you should not fly a kite.

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