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travel-blogScattering a loved one’s ashes is a big decision. Parting with their remains might not only feel overwhelming, but you will want to find a beautiful spot worthy of your family member or friend’s life.
Fortunately, you can choose from many stunning destinations to give your loved ones the send-off they deserve. Learn about the four beautiful places around the world where people have scattered a loved one’s ashes.

1. Yellowstone National Park – United States

If you would like to scatter your loved one’s ashes at a beautiful spot, Yellowstone National Park is worth your consideration. Featuring alpine rivers, lush forests, incredible canyons, hot springs, and impressive geysers, it is a gorgeous location to say goodbye to a special person in your life. However, national parks often have rules in place when scattering ashes, which you must bear in mind before a visit. You will need to apply for permission ten business days before visiting Yellowstone National Park. Once you have permission, you can visit the park to scatter ashes with a small group in a quiet area.

2. Lake Windermere – England

Lake Windermere is a scenic spot that’s beautiful come rain or shine, which is why many travel here to say goodbye to a friend or family member. The destination is popular with locals and tourists, but you won’t be short of secluded spots to scatter a loved one’s ashes, as it is home to many hills and nearby peaks. Alternatively, you could hire a boat to scatter ashes along the lake, as it will provide a tranquil location away from the shore.

If you love the idea of scattering your loved one’s ashes in the picturesque English countryside, you must ensure you do so in a public space. Also, avoid areas where people are fishing, swimming, or boating when scattering ashes on the iconic lake.

Make the ceremony extra special by choosing an urn that reflects your loved one’s life. Visit to find a quality urn to store your relative or friend’s ashes before and during a ceremony.

3. Great Smoky Mountains National Park – United States

There is a reason Great Smoky Mountains is the most visited national park in the United States. It is world regarded for its stunning ancient mountains, diverse plant life, and abundant wildlife. Located on the border of Tennessee and North Carolina, it is a perfect place for families to come together to scatter a loved one’s ashes.

Scattering ashes in Great Smoky Mountains National Park is simple, too. All you must do is download a permission letter from its website, which you must carry with you when scattering ashes. Bear in mind that only 25 people can attend the scattering with the permission letter.

4. Kalbarri National Park – Australia

If your loved one was a wildlife lover, Kalbarri National Park in Australia might be an ideal location to scatter their ashes. Many people visit the rugged landscape to part with their ashes in a magnificent setting. Featuring striking river gorges, rolling sandplains, and rare wildlife, you and your loved ones will never forget the ceremony at the popular natural spot.

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