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Among hundreds of Caribbean islands, choosing the best Caribbean islands can be a daunting task. Millions of people visit the islands every year to experience the divine locations.

Best Caribbean Islands

All islands are remarkable and hold a vast reputation among tourists. Jamaica, Cuba, Antigua, and The Bahamas are tremendously beloved Caribbean islands.

Caribbean Islands is a collection of 700 islands, reefs, islets, and cays. The islands lie southeast of the Gulf of Mexico and the North American mainland, north of South America, and east of Central America.
Caribbean islands are the most exotic destination for all ages. For picturesque locations and unforgettable moments, Caribbean Islands are globally renowned among travellers or backpackers. For vagabond enthusiasts, we bring the most desirable Caribbean islands, which are spectacular. At least once in your life, you must visit these islands.

1. The Bahamas, Commonwealth of Bahamas

The tidiest secret of The Bahamas lies in the nation’s fragile diversity and size. With 16 chief islands, it is an unmatched destination, a heart-pounding adventure across 100,000 square miles of the world’s crystal-clear ocean.

Things to do in The Bahamas

Relaxing at secluded pink-sand beaches and secret sand beaches is the best thing to do. Across the 16 islands, various experiences are waiting for you.

Things to do in The Bahamas

-Swimming with the pigs
-The Fight for the big catch
-Meet the Albury Brothers
-A day at Captain Bill’s
-Explore the Johnstone Art Foundry
-Underwater adventure with Sharks

2. Barbados, An Island Country in the Lesser Antilles

Barbados is the hometown of international mega-star Rihana and Cricket legend Sir Garfield Sobers. Among Caribbean islands, Barbados is fascinating more tourists with its splendid beauty and sandy beaches. Each place of Barbados has its story, celebration, and every single day promises a different and new feel.

Activities to do in Barbados

Exploring Barbados like a local. To experience the best time in Barbados is to explore the islands with locals.

Activities to do in Barbados

-Discover the birthplace of Rum
-Island Safari tour
-Enjoy the Barbados calypso music festival
-Barry’s Surf Barbados
-Hike to Coko hill forest

3. Aruba, The Sovereignty of Netherland’s Kingdom

Aruba’s sunny shores are famous among visitors. Locals are so polite and welcome you wholeheartedly. Under the Caribbean Islands, Aruba is frequently known among international tourists. Whether you seek adventure and excitement, tranquility and peace, an alluring romantic getaway, or an immersive cultural experience, the one happy Island is best for all.

Things to do in Aruba

Things to do in Aruba

It is best known for its clear beaches and ideal weather conditions. With so many fun and adventurous activities, Aruba is the perfect destination for you.

-Riding in Arikok
-Chill at Boca Prins with a chilled beer
-Explore the Guadirikiri caves
-Enjoy the nightlife of Aruba at Charlie’s bar
-Get to know more about Aruba at Aruba Archaeological Museum

4. Antigua & Barbuda, The sister Islands

Antigua and Barbuda consists of two principal islands, namely Antigua and Barbuda. It has 95 miles of fabulous coastline that makes it one of the worth visiting places in the world. Antigua and Barbuda are known as two sister islands. Barbuda is covered with protective reefs and rare species of the lagoon.

Activities to do in Aruba

Activities to do in Aruba

Antigua is Paradise on earth. The people of Antigua are fun, kind, and loving. Many of Antigua’s beaches are away from the crowd, where you can relax and have a sunbathe.

-Explore the Coral Bay
-Explore the nesting and largest colony of Frigate birds
-Cruise ride at Buccaneer cove beach
-Lunch at Darkwood beach bar and restaurant
-Enjoy rip line and rope adventure at Antigua Rainforest Canopy

5. Jamaica, An Island Country in the Caribbean Sea

The most stunning and exotic Caribbean island is none other than Jamaica. Flights to Jamaica are frequently available from all major international airports. Jamaica is also known as the Heartbeat of the world. It presents a magnificent experience to the beach, food, and adventure lovers.

Things to do in Jamaica

Things to do in Jamaica

No place on earth provides a range of biodiversity and attractions that can be found only in Jamaica. It is a land of engaging activities, unique culture, breathtaking landscapes and, lovely locals.

-Enjoy Reggae music festival
-Experience the amazing beach party
-Explore Dunn’s river fall and park
-Take sunbathe at Doctor’s cave beach
-Have a finger-licking food at Miss T’s Kitchen

6. Belize, A Caribbean country in Central America

Belize is well-known for its UNESCO world heritage sites. Belize Barrier Reef is home to thousands of species of fish and coral life. It is also popular among water sports lovers. Belize is a blend of different cultures and customs. From dancing to cuisines to language, explore the traditions and culture that make Belize special.

Activities to do in Belize

Activities to do in Belize

Being a coastline zone, Belize has exotic beaches, natural lakes, and waterfalls. It gives a pleasing insight to the visitors that stay for a long while.

-Feel the magic of Gallon Jug Estate
-Enjoy a Kayaking ride with your friends or solo
-Explore the Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary
-Take a dip at Davis waterfall
-Explore the culture of Belize through Cultural Heritage Trail Tour

7. Cuba, The Republic of Cuba

Cuba is one of the best and reasonable, adventurous, and thrilling Caribbean Islands ever. It offers stark natural beauty, fantastic music, and marvelous beach night parties. Havana is the capital coastline of Cuba. It is the most beautiful place to explore.

Things to do in Cuba

Music fests, Carnivals, and countryside parties are the central attraction of Cuba. It has a series of green mountains in the background of the island.

-Explore the spectacular Vinales valley
-Explore the historical landmark, National Capitol Building
-Play with a sea turtle at Cayo Largo del Sur
-Do salsa dance with your beloved partner

8. Dominica, The Commonwealth of Dominica

It has lush green landscapes and great wildlife. Almost 365 rivers cross Dominica island. The world’s second-largest boiling lake is in the court of Dominica. A hike to the valley of Desolation leads you to the boiling lake.

Activities to do in Dominica

Activities to do in Dominica

Surrounded by the Caribbean Sea on the south, and the Atlantic Ocean to the north, make this place is best for international and domestic visitors. It is the best Caribbean island for hikers and nature-admirer.

-Explore the Trafalgar waterfall
-Experience the romantic date night at Punta Cana
-Roam around the historical Barahona city
-Explore the Barcelo Rum Historical center

9. Saint Lucia, not an ordinary island

Imagine yourself at the white sandy beach, where you just walk around with your love. How does it feel? Amazing, Yes! Saint Lucia is a magnificent island that is ideal for couples, families, and kids. It is the only sovereign nation named after a woman.

Things to do in Saint Lucia

Things to do in Saint Lucia

Saint Lucis’s history is as rich as its vibrant colors. It is a perfect example of a paradise island. Here you would find the beautiful confluence of English, African, Caribbean, and French culture.

-Enjoy Saint Lucia Carnival in the month of June-July
-Explore the Pitons, the UNESCO world heritage sites
-Have the trail to the Pigeon Island National Park
-Dive with more the 22 world-class dive sites

10. St. Vincent and the Grenadines

St. Vincent & the Grenadines is the best island for divers, boaters, explorers, and carefree people. It is a combination of 32 islands. The main island St. Vincent is largely a rainforest zone.

Activities to do in St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Activities to do in St. Vincent and the Grenadines

This multi-island offers a combination of scuba diving, rainforest eco-adventure, luxury accommodation, Classic Caribbean powder-white beaches, and sailing adventure.

-Explore the Union island
-Jungle safari at Tobago Cays National Marine Park
-Enjoy the tour to Montreal garden
-Saltwhistle bay beach

11. Cayman Island

Cayman Island is one of the most carefree corners of the Caribbean island. It has three magnificent islands namely Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac, and Little Cayman. All three are special in their own way. The warm smiles of locals and their sweet hospitality bound you to love these islands.

Things to do in Cayman Island

Things to do in Cayman Island

This island is a world-known wedding destination. From all over the world, people choose Cayman island for their special day. The tropical beauty of the Caribbean is a combination of beautiful beaches and exotic resorts.

-Explore Crystal cave
-Explore the Cayman turtle center
-Explore the grand George Town
-Spent some time with some rare flora & fauna in Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park

12. Tobago and Trinidad

Tobago Island is noted for its great convergence of Indian and African culture. It is part of the Trinidad and Tobago republic. It is located on the northeastern coast of Trinidad island. Among nature admirers and bird watchers, Tobago is the most admirable spot.

Activities to do in Tobago

Activities to do in Tobago

Tobago offers luxurious villas, beaches, and cruise rides to its visitors. It gained immense fame because of its picturesque location. The island provides a lifelong experience for destination weddings.

-Discover the authentic Tobago culture
-Enjoy the delicious crab curry and dumplings
-Experience the rich heritage of Tobago during Tobago international festivals.
-Enjoy bird-watching at Corbin Local Wildlife Park

13. Martinique island

Martinique has a dense population of French speakers. It has several isolated beaches. Huge towering cathedrals and tropical rainforest add four moons to the beauty of Martinique island.

Things to do in Martinique

Things to do in Martinique

Attractive coastline and fabulous sandy beaches, make this place more attractive for travelers and explorers. Mont Pelee, Habitation Clément, Route de la Trace, and Grand Anse des Salines are the main attractions of the Martinique. Their rich French culture makes this island different from other Caribbean islands.

-Discover the rich culture of the island at Anse Cafard Slave Memorial
-Explore the paradise of book warmer “Schoelcher Library”
-Enjoy a date night at Les Salines beach
-Experience the peace at isolated Diamond beach

14. Haiti, The Exotic Island in the Caribbean Sea

Haiti is the perfect vacation spot for those who are in search of solitude. To experience the calmness under the roof of nature, Haiti is a suitable landmark. In 2010, the massive earthquake shook the whole island drastically. But now it is gaining more name and fame due to its long beaches and tumbling waterfalls.

Activities to do in Haiti

Activities to do in Haiti

Its unique culture, art, music, and heritage make it sole among all Caribbean islands. This is the first slave country that gets freedom after years of struggle. To experience the revolutionary vibes, explore the grand fortresses of Haiti.

-Explore the Citadelle la Ferriere fort
-Experience the royal charm at Sans Souci palace (UNESCO world heritage site)
-Enjoy with locals at Carnivals and Jacmel
-Appreciate the craftsmanship of Jacmel
-shop some handcrafted stuff from Jacmel

15. Puerto Rico, A Best Party Destination

Puerto Rico has a varied musical form such as plena, bomba, salsa, or de micaa. Several grand carnivals and international music and dance festivals are organized here. For party lovers, Puerto Rico offers the best nightlife, bars, and restaurants.

Things to do in Puerto Rico

Things to do in Puerto Rico

Pristine beaches, exceptional cuisines, majestic mountains, and rare coral reefs- all packed into Puerto Rico. around every corner of the city, you will find celebrations of life, great musical fests, and carnivals.

-Visiting old san Juan is the best thing to do for a history buzzer
-Culebra has more exotic beaches where you find peace and adventure at the same time
-Visit El Yunque National Forest to experience the rare flora and fauna of the state
-Experience the great taste of Puerto Rico cuisines

Explore more and more

Mother earth is blessed with unbelievable landscapes, locations, and rich biodiversity. Caribbean islands are real-life examples of great natural phenomena.

Life is short and uncertain. Before getting older, travel as much as you can. Caribbean islands are full of life, music, and love. To experience the real meaning of life, and to immerse yourself, explore the best Caribbean island. So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags, book your tickets, and enjoy long vacations on Caribbean islands.

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